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Eating dino nuggies with mac & chs on an adventure plate, watching disney moives, coloring, arts and crafts, and playing little phone games (cooking games are the best) and if i found a caregiver id make tgem gifts :)
My favorite thing to do when little is play games on my switch (or on my ps4 depending on what age im regressed to)
and watch movies or doll videos on youtube, and maybe occasionally draw or color things for my boyfriend :shuff:
It would be a total beach day. Imagine waking up early, heading to the shore with my best friend. We'd start with a sunrise swim, the water all cool and refreshing. Then, a breakfast picnic right on the sand, with fresh fruit and some killer breakfast burritos. We'd spend the day building epic sandcastles, maybe try a bit of surfing (I'm not great at it, but hey, it's all about fun, right?). Lunch would be at this awesome beach shack I know, they do the best fish tacos you've ever tasted. In the afternoon, a bit of beach volleyball, then just chilling.
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