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My perfect day would be waking up all snuggled up with my stuffies, before getting some breakfast with a juice bottle. Then I would go to the beach and play with my water/bath toys. When I got home all sleepy from swimming I would take a super warm cozy nap in my Pj's. When I woke up I would have a yummy snack, maybe even some sweets. Then I would watch Disney movies before taking a bubble bath and snuggling up for bed time with a story.
My ideal Little Day would start with pancakes!!!!! Maybe chocolate chip with bananas, strawberries and whipped cream!!! And maybe a smoothie! Maybe it would be raining, and Daddy and I could make hot chocolate and put MORE WHIPPED CREAM and sprinkles on top, we wouldn't change out of our jammies, and we could watch some of our favorite things all day in a big blanket fort! Cuddles would be mandatory :stuffie: :hugs: Then I'd have a nice bubble bath, and get all clean and comfy (sometimes Daddy splashes the water around like there's a monster in the tub!)
Once I'm all clean, and dressed, there's be a roaring fire, grilled cheese and tomato soup, maybe some dino nuggies, and a comfort movie (like Ponyo ). When it's bedtime, Daddy would read to me something like Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, or the Hobbit :read: ! and we would snuggle until sleepies :sleep:
I wake up and I eat my breakfast, preferably spoonfed and preferably porridge or some kind of baby food.
Then it time for some playtime- I'd be shown various objects and toys, especially those that make some kind of action and reaction. I'd be sitting still on the floor and staring at it without saying any word.
Then I'd hold a cgs hand and follow her while tightly holding her habd.
Then I could go to bed and watch some cartoons or videos in which there would be a lot of things moving. I wouldn't even understand what the firetruck was going on in the show, yet i'd still be entertained and amazed.
Then it'd be bedtime- I'd be hugged, covered in a blanket and read bedtime stories. I'd hold her hand tightly until I fell asleep.
ok,so i'm gonna respond to this a little differently and treat it as if in this scenario i am actually my little age of 3/4.

first i'd wake up from a good night's sleep in my comfy bed,teddy bear in hand by as my mommy/daddy wishes me good morning,get's me dressed for the day and gently guides me to the kitchen where a breakfast of eggs,bacon and toast is waiting for me on one of my colorful plates with the sections and a sippy cup full of apple juice all layed out on my disney princess placemat. after breakfast I'm taken to the bathroom to pee,wash up and brush my teeth with my cute,little toothbrush and toothpaste. after my teeth are all shiny and i get a gold star sticker for doing a good job,i'm sat in front of the TV with and witch different educational shows such as barney,sesame street and timothy goes to school alongside mymommy and daddy who try to make sure i learn whatever lesson the shows are teaching. after some TV,it's lunch time and i sit down to eat my little ham and cheese sandwiches in the shape of little stars with my sippy cup of chocolate milk. after lunch it's nap time and i'm brought back to my bedroom to cuddle with my teddy bear and take a few hour nap. after nap time it's dinner time and it's a plate full of meat,fruit/veggies and even something yummy for dessert like a brownie. after i eat dinner,i play with my toys until bedtime when i am taken back to the bathroom to brush my teeth again and be given a nice bath with bubblebath and colorful foam letters stuck to the wall and bath toys galore. after i'm all cleaned up and dressed in my PJ's,i'm read a bedtime story,given a light kiss goodnight and cuddle up with my teddy bear as the gentle glow of my nightlight lulls me to sleep.

and that's my best estimate for what would count as my perfect little day.
I know this is an old post but this topic really got me excited so I'm going to answer anyways.

Honestly, my ideal Little day would be to wake up alone in my bedroom, wondering where my S/O was only to be served breakfast in bed. Maybe some pancakes or a cinnamon roll if my last couple meals had been light. (I adore a partner who can cook). After that we'd sit in bed together and talk about what we wanted to do that day. Eventually somebody would come to a decision (probably my partner) and we would...maybe go to the mall? I of course would have to get dolled up and would wear something cute and pastel with ruffles. Maybe a nice short skirt with thigh highs. I'd sit in the passenger's seat, bc I'm a passenger princess and don't know a thing about driving, as they'd drive me to the mall. We'd spend some time in the arcade playfully competing with eachother. They'd win me a plushie from the claw machine. They'd probably end up buying me a couple things, like plushies and videogames, and then we'd probably eat at a picnic table outside. I'd eat the lunch they packed me in my cute little lunchbox, and then they'd wipe some crumbs off my face. Then we'd probably go back home for downtime. Maybe put on some cartoons in the background as I played the new videogame they bought me and they scrolled on their phone. I'd probably just lay my head on their lap as we each did our own thing. That honestly sounds like a nice, relaxing day to me. ^^ :pinkh:
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