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I have a "generic" paci i got on Amazon just to see if i liked having one. I really like it but after a while it gets uncomfortable and the seem on it rubs a raw spot. Is there a good place to get better made pacis that dont cost $20?
I don’t know if any place that will sell you a quality adult sized pacifier for less than $20. Most good ones are $35+. The nipple/teat they use is from an actual medical device and, so, it’s hard to get one of those made with medical-quality material and standards for cheap. Recently, I did run into a shop that’s at least offering different teat styles, which could make a difference regardless of quality, but you’d have to see about their prices and research if they’re at all reputable:


I can tell you that my partners feel strongly that the premium prices are worth it.

We buy ours, and absolutely recommend you do too, from:


Thank you. I may just have to wait and get one later when i have more extra money. i would rather wait and know i am getting good quality than risk getting another one that i dont like the feel of.

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