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Ikea has a collection of little kid kitchen and tableware stuffs. Solid colors, not super cute prints but still worth taking a look. I use the bowls at work for screws and bolts. The variety of bright colors helps keep things sorted.
Amazon is a great source, so is Walmart and Target too. I got the few I have from my work which is like a Walmart but slightly smaller :hugs:
Try a thriftshop, in your neighborhood.
Or a second hand store, you'll have to check if it's clean and okay and don't pay the price of a new dish.
When you're satisfied about the dishes, you can buy the new version.
You'll have a chance to try what you like, for a small price.
Have fun shopping :stuffie: :hugs:
From what I've seen you can get some really nice, sturdy ones from Target, even in sets that have a bowl plate, cup, and a big dinner plate and big bowl so the CG can match, which come with a BPA-free certification label (can you tell Daddy who washes the dishes looks out for stuff like that?), and the plastic cups and bowls that can be found at the likes of Walmart and Sam's club are equally sturdy, but for quality AND at least fun, bright colors I'd suggest looking at an IKEA. I've had better luck finding really cute, brightly-colored (and safely blunted) forks, spoons, and little butter knives in good, strong plastic there, often in sets of the primary color group. I not only have a little, our household has various disabilities ranging from hand spasms in our QPP (big, soft-handled items and squishy cups like sippy cups help greatly) to not being able to grip strongly or stand for long periods (so getting ceramic out of a cupboard is a break hazard on at least 3 fronts), so even if I didn't have a little of my own, we'd have discovered these things as ways to manage the household disabilities.

You may have to try several different ones- in size, shape, and color- before you find what's right for you, and that's okay! The kid's section is usually fairly inexpensive in IKEA, and anything that doesn't work or feel right for you can be donated- chronological littles are always in need of replacements for items they break, after all.

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