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Which Myers-Briggs type are you?

I'm infp-t. And it kinda makes sense to me! Which is probably why I spent so much time with my ex. I was looking for the good in him even though he was a liar and a cheater and a horrible human being overall. He hurt me bad yet I still kind of forgive him just a bit. I always try to help my friends when they're going through problems and I always have very few friends because I'm shy... and I am a dreamer and an artist. I love monsters and dragons and all sorts of creatures. Because sometimes creatures are incredibly pure. Yep lol this is definitely me 😂
I am an INFP. It's kind of amusing to see how many of us are INFPs. I only recently discovered Myers Briggs and am just absolutely loving everything I read about it. Every since I took the test, my google now app keeps showing me different articles on personalitygrowth that are a lot of fun to read. Things like, How each personality handles living alone, What you look for in a best friend, etc.
Wow.... so many INFPs! I'm an INFP-t myself, and it's kind of interesting that so many of us test that way... though, I guess not really surprising. And while I know that the MBTI has plenty of detractors, and the test can be easily manipulated, I still find it a useful tool in getting a base line on someone new, and insight on how to communicate and see things from their perspective.

INFPs rise up and unite! eventually... and individualy... in our own private headspaces... :gigs:

By ShyBabyCali
I actually just took that test yesterday and I got INFP. I wasn't suprised at all. I already knew that though. I like that I got that result though. Sometimes in my opinion it can be a bad thing though. Because I got 100% feeling and 0% thinking. I also wear my heart on my sleeve so I can get quite emotional, plus I'm very nice and for some odd reason people like to take advantage of nice people but anywho. Hehe I got sidetracked oppsie I tend to do that a lot.

Welp I thought I had something else to had but my brain has went blank okay so that's all then bye bye :bye: :pacy:

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