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Warning, this is an angsty pity party. Idk why I'm even posting this. I'm so stuck atm and my mental health is fu*king me over again. Life's going off the rails and neither therapy nor medication is helping. Something's gotta give eventually, I'm fed up of crying all the time and just want some peace from my own mind.
I feel your pain there. The hardest part is the self analyzing in order to find your triggers, what they are and learn to avoid them, or eventually learn to cope with them. I've found one of the best things to do is write down what's bothering me, how I really feel and try to learn from it. Sadly, that's not something that will work for everyone. Therapy did not work for me at all and the medications took a while to find the right mix that helps. Regardless, I hope you find something that helps you feel better.
Thank you, thats really sweet of you to sah and very reassuring. Feeling a bit more optimistic, sometimes when im having a dark day things always seem much worse than they actually are. I have been writing things down which does help centre me. I'm glad you're feeling better too, love and peace x
Any time ^_^. I'm a firm believer that no one should ever have to put through a life of severe mental anguish and if talking with someone helps, then I'll do what I can.
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