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I have Clinical Depression, bad enough that I willingly hospitalized myself some months ago. It's getting bad again, & I might have to do so again soon. I don't know how to tell my Little this. He is very insecure, suffers from depression himself, and he doesn't always pay attention to context. Our relationship is strictly platonic, & takes place solely through the internet.
I'm not good at making my words 'soft,' and some advice would be much appreciated.
I haven't been around in the community for a while, but I figure any advice would be helpful for someone in your position. Personally, no matter how difficult it would be not only for you but your little, mental health should always come first. Obviously, you understand this very well, as you are already trying to take precautions not only for yourself but the people around you. DDLG in the end is just a hobby, or a lifestyle to some, but it shouldn't be a defining feature of one's life (but that's only my opinion). If your little cannot handle adult situations like they should, then it's an issue of mental health for them, and maybe they shouldn't be preoccupied in a DDLG friendship and/or relationship if they can't handle basic reality. In the end, caregivers like yourself shouldn't worry too harshly about how your little should feel if your health, physically or mentally, is at jeopardy. It simply is what it is, and as a little I also have to do my part to take of my caregiver if they are not well. Since this is an issue of you being away from the internet for some time (if you happen to hospitalize yourself), assure your little that you won't be gone forever, as I've been through that road where I've been "ghosted" by someone I loved due to hospitalization or them simply not wanting to deal with me. But, as I'm saying, the situation becomes an adult situation where having fun in DDLG-mindsets cannot happen. Being "soft" isn't really an option in this case, but that's just me. Some may disagree, but reality is still that, reality. We're all still adults in the end.

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