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By Deleted User 48460
So I don't know about most of you, but I personally have some issues with regressing and going into little space. A huge part of it always seems to stem from my daily life stresses that most adults deal with. How do most of you de-stress? With baths? ASMR? I feel like I get the most relaxation out of sleepings or naps, but I always oversleep and my sleep schedule is so messy as it is. I'm not diagnosed with anything because I haven't been able to have a proper mental evaluation... ever. So it's already difficult enough trying to figure myself out some days.

Usually I use CBD (CBD has been approved by the FDA and is only getting more positive feedback from medical science, so if I get in trouble for mentioning it I'll honestly be a little peeved :>o<: ) to help with some of these mental drawbacks. Having someone around like Senpai helps as well. Obviously I understand I probably won't improve much until I have the ability to see a doctor about this stuff, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to hear what some of you guys do when you're in predicaments like this.

Stress sucks...
If you feel like stress or anxiety is taking you over completely, then talking to a counselor can be good, whether its online chat, phone call, or in person. (I personally have benefited from all three - only been diagnosed once and that's not always necessary)

But apart from that there are lots of things you can try to do to decrease stress. I personally like to sing or draw or do something creative to get my mind out of the stress bubble. Going for a walk or run outside is some fresh air is really good too (should do it more often myself tbh, it helps). And of course there's littlespace, stuffies, disney movies, etc. But i find that once my stress has gone past a certain point, its difficult to get in that headspace.

I also have a weird sleeping habit, either under or over sleeping. Its mostly due to depressing thoughts when i try and get some sleep. Setting a sleep schedule is good but sometimes hard to stick to. Some things that sometimes help me though are restricting phone or electronic use an hour or so before bed (i normally do something else like read or draw or listen to music instead)

Oh also another thing that helps me with stress is journaling and meditation, if you havn't tried either of these its definitely worth a try.

Best Wishes <3
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