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By NiaEast
Hi everyone :txt: I've been running into an issue lately with my Daddy, where we get turned on, or "in the mood" at different times, or at times when the other is sleeping/tired/sick/etc. There aren't usually many issues with it, I just don't act on it when I'm in the mood and Daddy is sick or sleepy or at work~~which is the majority of the time I feel frisky. I'm starting to feel like I'm failing at this, because when He ends up coming home and wants to play, he'll ask me if I want to play, or do things to him, and I do love that :heart: but sometimes I'm just not turned on in that moment, so getting into bed without being turned on doesn't get me all wiggly and squirmy and stuff hehe, ~~~~at first :3 ofc. Daddy can get me excited super quick. But, when I'm not turned on right away, Daddy seems to get irritated or upset and impatient with me and I don't know how to bring this up without feeling small and making it worse. He wants me to be the instigator more often, and take control a little more at us having sexy times, but I don't know what I can do to help myself do that, especially when it happens on different wavelengths. It's not hard to turn me on, but I feel like a bothersome thorn in his paw if he has to turn me on when he wants sexy time, when I'm not just ...ready, I guess ::(: I don't know what's wrong with me, or how to be more assertive and make myself do these things. :what: Does anyone have any advice, or experience with this? :pres:
What I do is send texts to him when I'm feeling up to sexytimes so he knows it does happen, it's just when he's sleeping or working or whatever. I really wish he didn't get impatient with you over it, though. :( My Daddy doesn't seem to get bothered by it. He likes getting me riled up. haha. The other thing I did was ask if he's okay with me playing without him and sending videos to his Dropbox. That gets me more in the mood later because I've gotten the release when I wanted it so then when he's like "let's go", it's a little easier for me to get in the mood.

This might not work for you, but it helped me. I'm usually not a sexual little so I had to make an effort to get into sexytimes for him.

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