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i gotta get myself diagnosed again..... ppl around me say i suddenly sometimes becomes like another person....

so far from the things i have recorded down. the info gotten from ppl around me. i have 4 personalities.....

1. Amber Hong (the host): that's my real surname and victim of childhood abuse (physical and psychological)(1999-2012), 19 years old going to 20. Depressed,suicidal and self harms.

2. Amber Sir Barnes-Lokison (Alter 1): the "normal" one. Happy, positive etc, also 19 going to 20. Protect Amber Hong Physically

3. Yakov/Yasha (alter 2): the flirty one. 23 years old. Strong like "winter soldier" protect Amber Hong Physically and mentally. Good at drinking

4. Name not given (alter 3): the little one. Mostly at Age 3-5 sometimes younger than 3. Non verbal, might have a bit of autistic-ness. A kind of "shield" and somewhat give back lost childhood....

Hobbies, likes and dislikes + allergies about the same for all 4

BTW, Yakov/Yasha sometimes might behave like a bastard.... just ignore when that happens. Yakov/Yasha is the only male alter.
I sometime be like a mixture of 2 alters but still the alter

eg. I might be a mixture of Amber Sif Barnes-Lokison and Yakov/Yasha. but my main Alter is Yakov/Yasha
I don't have so much personalities as I have personas. Like there are times when I slip into characters I guess. I'm still there and in control, but they take over, especially in certain situations. I don't have any abuse or trauma from childhood or anything... just a really crazy ex. So I don't think it's the same.

I don't know... I guess I'm trying somehow to relate and say I'm there for you? It might help to just talk to someone about them and if you know they're there and you're not, then that might be something telling you it's time to maybe work some things out? I'm not a mental health professional by any means, but I'm a little oddball when it comes to being me, I guess. :)

If you need to take care of you, do it. You're important and I want you to be safe. :hug:

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