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Okay. I think this is probably counting as self harm what I'm doing and because I need some help. I have this really bad habit of chewing on my fingers and scratching at my feet and toes until the skin comes off. I'm not trying to tear the skin off, but I can never stop myself before I've already done damage. I know I should probably mention it to a therapist, but I was hospitalized on a 5150 when I was 17 and I really don't want to repeat that. Can anyone help?
Yeah I've had fingernail biting as a really bad habit of mine ever since I was a kid. I don't know how to cure it. Lately, it's expanded into my fingers peeling off the fingernails and me biting off the skin as well. I have a nail polish which is supposed to make the fingernails taste terrible, but it's so bad that I can't even pick at my teeth anymore, or pick up food with my hands. I think the only advice that I can give is if you're a girl or trans, you could try getting a manicure with neat designs, so that when you do decide to bite, it just gives you extra pause.

I'm a guy in real life, so I just applied clear nail polish. No one has commented on it, which probably means they haven't noticed it. The clear nail polish is pretty to me, but it also shows where I've been biting, so I'm relieved that I can go two week at a time with it still on there. Aside from that, I don't really know what to do.

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