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By Hopeisreal
From childhood until I went to college I was intentionally mute. The fact that I had a speech impediment made it even worse. I was shy, and very anxious. Talking was a source of embarrassment at the very least at school. At home... living in an abusive environment it was survival. I didn't just not talk I learned how to become invisible. To me when I talked it was painful. I felt ashamed. When I went to college I became about reclaiming my voice. And I definitely did make big leaps. I mean sometimes I struggle with social interactions and etc. i mean there is some delay or what have you in that area. But it's getting better. But some areas it's totally almost impossible for me to not be mute. Have any of you dealt with this? I plan on bringing this up with my counselor. I know it's about making progress but I do want to really reclaim my voice and not be mute anymore. Because that's how I survived. I want to thrive.
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By babybluebird
I have never been completely mute for a long period of time, but I definitely have a lot of nonverbal days. A lot of my mental issues personally revolve around, and are very active during, night time. So, often times after I've had a bad night, I find it next to impossible to speak. It's so difficult to try to go about a "normal day" in this state, so I find myself just kind of "opting out of life" at times and giving up on doing anything. It's been getting more frequent since I moved into my own apartment, but my Daddy is very supportive and is learning how to help me through those episodes.

I'm so sorry you're going through something like this and have been for so long. I hope your counselor can shed some light on how to move forward and defeat it. Sending lots of good vibes your way! :heart:

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