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I'm autistic too, and secretly probably a little, but I'm not totally sure since I haven't been very little in a relationship before, I guess? Like I had a Daddy mentor type of guy who had a crush on me and I had a crush on him and he'd call me little boy, champ, etc. as well as boy, and I really liked all of that. I also have a friend who's a Daddy who's called me "his boy", as an affectionate, crushy thing but not because I'm really his.

Anyway, I guess for me there's some amount of overlap between me being autistic & me sort of being little, but I think the little stuff for me comes more from trauma & trying to seek comfort in things that made me feel better as a kid.
I have ADHD and a disorder that's similar to ASD but not exactly (pervasive personality disorder NOS), so I'm basically autistic but don't have the support/community that comes with it, which kinda sucks.
Hmm, Elvie, in terms of a diagnosis, as far as I know (since I used to have a friend who'd been diagnosed with it) PDD-NOS is part of the autistic spectrum (sort of an older, catch-all term), it's that everything was grouped into one diagnosis in 2013. I could be wrong on that. Are you involved with the Autistic community? Generally, I've found people to be welcoming of folks regardless of a specific autism-related diagnosis, or self-diagnosis. I've also noticed support from the Autistic community toward "cousins" (folks with disabilities that are also common among autistic people, like ADHD for example). I hope you're able to find that, too.
Yup same here. I'm diagnosed (can't believe I spelled that right without the need for spellcheck) Asperger Syndrome also. high functioning. ... I dislike it when I'm talking to others in the world and I'm now clear by what they meant by something. To them I'm asking the exact same thing over and over, but in reality I am trying to get clarification on a 'seemingly' small detail of what they said.
I've been thinking the same thing for a while now. I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was sixteen. I kind of fall into that area where I can take care of myself for the most part, but I am completely lacking in social skills. I think I fell into the CG/L lifestyle because I constantly want rigid control of everything to make sure that it all runs smoothly in the proper order and routine, but there are times when I want to be able to let someone else worry about making the routine work right so that I can have it off my shoulders for a while. I'm sorry, I totally started rambling at the end.
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wahh although there hasn't been a reply to this in 7 months, I was hoping for a post like this! I have asperger's syndrome and I do think little space is my way of being myself and finding comfort and shelter from the expectations of adulthood and all the societal norms that make me feel so uncomfortable and outcasted. I always feel like an impostor when I am in grown-up situations and I often feel that people are judging me.

glad to see there are others who can relate and I hope maybe others will reply to this thread too!
I have the same! I'm an Aspie and I also feel sometimes it's more like dropping 'the adult mask' and just being little crazy me :pacy:
littlelionboy wrote: 2 years ago i was digging for a post like this and glad i found one! i think a lottt of traits overlap, from the sensory stuff to the desire to be cared for to the child-like interests. when you're forced to adapt to the adult world, even though it's not at all designed for someone like you, it can get exhausting to deal with every day. to me, the little side of me is just my most authentic self, who i was as a kid before i had to pretend to be what society expected. it's so comforting and freeing to behave without thinking for once!
then again it can be hard to differentiate for me between 'is this me being little or just being aspie?'... i suppose you don't actually have to categorise everything, i just like to! :read:
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