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By abeyante
I'm diagnosed as autistic/Asperger's/NVLD. I'm in that middle ground where most people assume I'm "normal" and I can pass for neurotypical pretty decently depending on the context, but I'm definitely too autistic to independently take care of myself, and it makes me functionally a "little" in the way I experience the world.

I have a feeling that a lot of autistic people might identify with the "little" persona/dynamic, and I bet the autism occurrence rate is higher in littles than the average population. I bet we have a lot of undiagnosed autistics here, in the middle ground like me, since so much of autistic goes well with little stuff (obsessive interests, emotional developmental delay, sensory-oriented stuff, etc.)

Anyone out there who identifies with the autism criteria, or with an actual diagnosis like me? Just curious C:
By MoonBadger
I have mild AS... I know your topic was about littles, but from the other side of things it makes sense. Although I'm in my 30s it's far easier to relate to someone a LOT younger. I guess that's why I'm looking for a little, we can both then role-play on that level. If that makes sense.
Aspie here. I do have a feeling that you would be right about us having a higher percentage of littles than most neurotypical people. My personal hypothesis is that it has more to do with us not picking up on societal pressures to give up certain things we liked when we were little kids. I still love all the shows that I loved growing up and I continue to seek out and enjoy similar shows. Like the adventures of winnie the pooh from the early 90's.
Hello! I was diagnosed with Aspergers a while back now and honestly, now that I know what symptoms are related to AS, I can say that I use little space as a coping mechanism, to let out all my repressed emotions and thoughts in a positive way! Sometimes I just wanna scream out to the world that I really don't understand some of these ''adult'' things and being little around Daddy allows me to express it in a cute loving way without being negative or self destructive (which, after speaking to other fellow aspies, appears to be a common issue...)
Basically what I think is that having Aspergers, and I'm not saying this is true for everyone, makes me more vulnerable and engaging in little space allows me to control that vulnerability and makes the world seem less scary :)
I'm a (secret) little who has aspergers syndrome,adhd,and anxiety I have trouble coping with certain things and when I'm in littlespace it helps me relax and not worry as much but its hard to act big sometimes cuz when I'm at school I only have a couple friends and they know I'm a little but I feel nervous about going into littlespace in public cuz of other people judging me or staring. :| :oops: :remind:
i have cross spectrum autism it's like being both autistic and not autistic at the same time depending on my mood and i do all this stuff in secret i am glad i have a good circle of friends and individuals close to me that i can trust very few know i do this but that is fine with me just as long as they dont sqwark
i was digging for a post like this and glad i found one! i think a lottt of traits overlap, from the sensory stuff to the desire to be cared for to the child-like interests. when you're forced to adapt to the adult world, even though it's not at all designed for someone like you, it can get exhausting to deal with every day. to me, the little side of me is just my most authentic self, who i was as a kid before i had to pretend to be what society expected. it's so comforting and freeing to behave without thinking for once!
then again it can be hard to differentiate for me between 'is this me being little or just being aspie?'... i suppose you don't actually have to categorise everything, i just like to! :read:

I got Aspie. I deal with is s often as it deals with me. not a whole lot to say about it for me other than is it part of who I am. Biggest issue I had with it is I tend to give stern looks 'death glares' to people and not realize I'm don't it (might be due to the fact that I hate people in general and I'm wearing my feelings w/o meaning to).
I think for me being Little gives me away to relate to my autism and mental health issues in away that feels more relaxed and less judgemental. It also gave a picture of relationship type where I could have my needs met without feeling like a screw up or that I'm just using the person.
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