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By Hopeisreal
In my case it's my age. Because I'm 27. And because I haven't worked long. So only like since 2014-2017. But I applied for ssi for low income people and disability. According to my lawyer it's hard because of my age but not impossible. I applied for anxiety and depression and he said multiple diagnoses really do help the case. But that's awesome that it was so smooth for you. And maybe it's different state to state. I live in Indiana.
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By Nicklepony
yes. ...what the reason is is unknown. it ranges from things like state/county funding, to the type of people working in there (in that office). ... course the type of mental issues you have also play a factor, but (sadly) the biggest things they look it is funding 1st. ... also depends on how many people try and apply, the unemployment rates and so on and so forth. ... How I know this is well. ... think of it as the system would, ... then think of how you can save money. ... you save money by making sure all cogs (disabled people) are what they say they are and not fakes/ scammers.
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By Hopeisreal
So today I got two things in the mail from social security. One was a medical release form for permission to look at my medical records. And the other was basically looking further into my work stuff. Like how much I made etc. so can anyone tell me what happens next. I mean I am sending it in the mail and I think it basically said they had to get the medical release to begin the process. And the other one talked about how it was to help determine my case. So I wonder what happens next and how long is typical until I hear something next...
I know I'm kinda late to this. But it's not uncommon to have to try up to three times. I tired and got denied cuz well they wanted to then I got help but I almost had to go to court to get my ssi. It sucks and the wrost is the waiting but don't give up. If you want to talk more to me you can just send me a pm.
Lots of us out here. I'm both mentally and physically disabled. I have severe PTSD which because I'm a girl most think stem from sexual abuse instead of gun violence. I also have several incurable and barely treatable physical conditions that will kill me. I have Ehlers Danlos hyper-mobility type and vascular type as well as Chiari Malformation with a protrusion of over 20mm. The Chiari caused a migraine that has continued to last for the last 6 years... same f'ing migraine all day every day never ends... UGH... The Ehlers Danlos hyper-mobility type is a connective tissue disease that causes a LOT of pain and constant dislocations of every joint in my body. I'm sure you can guess or google what the vascular type does. I've been dragging out and avoiding filing for disability because I keep holding on to the unrealistic hope that I'm going to get better and be able to go back to work. Hope you feel less alone.
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By nueva5
i'm one. i have a bipolar disorder that i want to think is a side effect of gabapentin. but i can remember mood swings and erratic behavior from my early twenties on. i also have degenerative joint disease, compressed discs in my neck and back and permanent damagee to my right leg. i am at the point where my leg drags more frequently now. i have 2 metal plates in my neck to open up my spinal column. the discs weere closing off my spinal cord. this threatened to leave me with no control over my bowel and bladder. i have a neuromuscular problem with my hands and legs. it feels like tightening under my skin and chill bumps under the skin of my legs. all in all, i am a disabled little who trys not to let the challenges weigh her down. when i get depressed i blow bubbles. one of my aides got me a big bottles of bubbles and 3 puzzle books for my birthday. all i need now are coloring books, crayons, markers, paintboxes and a Bam-Bam.
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By mochichi
Hi there! I'm a disabled little too.
I have severe joint problems that a bunch of doctors (around 6?) have failed to diagnose as literally anything. Along with that I have chronic migraines that are currently controlled fairly well with medication. I have also been diagnosed with an anxiety/panic disorder and struggle with depression.
If anyone wants to talk more, let me know!
I suppose I'm a disabled little too.
I've been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Major Depressive disorder. I've also been diagnosed with Becker's Muscular Dystrophy. I've been incredibly luck so far because I've been able to maintain my mobility, but recently I've noticed my balance getting poorer and my legs getting weaker and I'm worried that might my mobility be coming to an end.
I am not sure where you are from but I am from the US. I fought for disability for about four years before I finally got approved. I was told from the beginning I will most likely be denied on the first go around and I tell everyone else that. But also remember once you are denied fight it and get a attorney. Most will take the case and not charge nothing unless you win. In the Us you do get back pay ince you fist filed.

I will say once you get approved ( It is a long fight) it is still a battle dealing with the social security. I call and fight with them monthly. I wish you the best of luck though.

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