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By dollyprincess
Hello! I was just wondering if there were other little who are disabled?
I'm mentally disabled, I have lots of health issues beside my mental ones as well and sometimes it's hard to feel loved. I've also been struggling to get disability, for some reason when you have severe mental health issues they don't seem to take it as serious :( my therapist said I may have to apply and be denied up to 5 times before I could actually get it. This stresses me out so much. Anyone have any tips for this?
By Deleted User 30863
Hey there, I'm a caregiver with mental health issues, but I've been through the benefits system at least here in the UK, so maybe I'll be able to help.

First off, there are other littles with disabilities, both physical and mental health conditions. It's not always the first thing someone wants to say when talking about themselves, but there are many out there. I've met several littles with both diagnosed and undiagnosed anxiety and depressive disorders. I myself have a condition called schizoaffective disorder.

It's good to hear you have a therapist, they sound like they know about the welfare situation. If you can, try to get access to someone, perhaps a social worker or someone of that nature, who will be able to help you with your paperwork and applications. When I stopped working after I had a breakdown, I didn't make it through all the forms that I needed to complete in order to apply for basic benefits. I just couldn't manage it. And the end result was that I was in serious financial trouble. In the end, my GP (family doctor) put me in touch with a community mental health worker who basically completed the paperwork and just had me sign it. She also took me to the office where I had missed some tax payments and was able to resolve what could have been a very nasty situation.

If you can't get access to a professional like that who can give you that support, maybe you can find a friend, family member, or even a neighbour, former teacher, or someone you can trust to help you with the application. Having someone fighting your corner when you can't doesn't fix everything, but it can help with bureaucracy and administrative things like this.

I hope you manage to get it sorted out so you can focus on feeling better. Take care out there :)
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By Hopeisreal
Hi there. I understand how you feel. I'm a disabled little. I actually just applied for disability and ssi. I think it makes it even harder cause I'm 27. And honestly it's hard not caring what people think. I went to a disability attorney to help me file for disability and that's helped a lot. In the meantime of waiting I have been hanging out at my church or cleaning houses every once in a while. Good luck.
Hi. I'm also a disabled little. I have a chronic pain condition and it's really hard to do the things you love when you feel like you can't even get out of bed. I know it's stressful, but don't give up. Try to keep yourself occupied and find ways to motivate yourself. As my fav youtube couple Simon and Martina say, BUILD A LADDER! When you're down and in pain and you don't know what to do with yourself, it makes you feel like you're in a hole and there's no way out. So build a ladder! any and all things that are positive and help you are rungs on your ladder. Utilize them and help yourself.
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By Nicklepony
I have applied for SSI/ SSDI. I too was also homeless for a while. thought for me I was VERY VERY lucky. I immediately landed in an emergency housing shelter From there I got an informal 'class' so to speak of how to properly word and correctly fill out the paper needed satisfy the extent of my disabilities. ... after no less than 4 trips to that horrible building known in Sacramento as the 'Dept of human services' (which is laughable that they call it humane I mean come on there's an honest to god police OFFICE INSIDE THE BUILDING!!! yes that's right The dept of human services building in Sacramento is a NOT open to the public police station. ... where was I? ohh ye, and after a year and a half struggle I was awarded my SSDI! ... that was one of the few times I have ever cried in my adult life.

I will say this. If you apply for SSI/SSDI GET A LAWER ASAP!!!! (yes they charge 10~25% of your back pay, (and they will drag it out all the way til the day your court case is), but.You'll have a very high change of success.

if you got questions feel free to pm me and I'll make an effort you help you out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nicklepony hope this helps
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By Isabelle
Hi, I have panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. I applied for disability two and a half years ago. I was denied twice then I just had a hearing with my disability lawyer a few weeks back. He said he'll appeal if they deny again, but that I have a good case. Its a lot of waiting and appeals, much harder to prove mental disabilities that are not extremely 'obvious'. I should find out in another few weeks if I was approved or not for it, and I hope I can get enough because this particular judge apparently pays the lowest he can, and they don't even use him anymore but I got stuck with him (oh joy). Its definitely not easy or a fun process, it's a LOT of waiting and waiting and waiting. I worked with my therapists on getting through the process, but its such a long process you have time. Lots of filling out paperwork mostly, your therapist will be sending them all your case notes and such. It seems harder than I think it is, as all of the questions and things are based on what you can and can't do, so you already know the answers. Just be truthful, and although its intimidating, that's what the lawyer and professionals are there for, to guide the case in the right avenues.
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By Hopeisreal
I applied two months ago. I got a disability lawyer who is really good at getting disability for his clients. But he did warn me it would take time. The hardest thing is trying to make ends meet. As I have already had to turn the keys into the leasing office for my apartment. I'm staying with a friend until a spot opens up with section 8 housing. But I'm also really nervous because I've never lived alone and I'm not sure if I can. But I can't afford anything but section 8 and I signed up for a one bedroom apartment. Anyways this is a very hard process and I'm only two months ish in.
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By Nicklepony
I cant mention all my tricks here but I'll say a few that are extremely helpful in proving your case

also you should get your lawyer to fight to get you a different judge, but you'll need a solid reason why you're wants to get another. (and that can be hard to justify to the legal system)

all I can say is stick with it and have friends/ family/ anyone you can get to write down how you act when your in a panicked state (with time, place, date, about how long/sever it was, and there signature) ... it's ALL in the paper work. the higher you side's stack (mountain) of paperwork is the more likely you side will win.

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By Nicklepony
also there's more programs than just section 8. ... if you can try to get an advocacy group to help you (as well as a lawyer) they work different directions to help you. ...an advocacy group can help you find emergency shelters as openings appear, help document what your living situation REALLY, is, help find you other aid in the form of government based programs. ... look up disability advocacy then call any of them up and try to get in touch with ones near you. They help you out before you're qualified for SSI/SSDI. and can continue to do so even afterwards (even help you get employment down the road AFTER your on disability.)

going back to section 8 there's more than just that program available for low, very low and extremely low income. ...hell I got an apartment and was only paying $10 a month out of pocket of it while I was waiting for my SSDI case. (...course now I got a voucher and can't find any place at all, but that doesn't mean that program doesn't exist and could help you).

...phew, I post a lot for being new here
Uhhh yeah I'm disabled and in NY, USA. I had no idea y'all had such issues with SSDI though. I applied for the first time in February, and got it 3 months later in May. No lawyers, no fighting, just an in person interview and forms to fill out. I had my Daddy/girlfriend act as reference and witness to my disability and that was that. I have a mental health disability and that was that. Is there some reason it was easier for me than others?
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