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By Docpepper
Hi everyone i would like to start this with i am in the Louisiana national guard and have been deployed twice once to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan. Iraq was not so bad of a deployment because i went in 2010 when alot was quieting down i then come home in 2011 and go with a unit to Afghanistan, and over there they wanted us dead. After comming back home i slowly started to develop PTSD to the point now where it is really bad. I realized with my bestie when i wpuld have a just random moment where i would start crying for no reason resting my head on her lap or her cuddling me would not just help me calm down but would usually completely make it all go away like i never even was crying in the first place and it just felt so perfect like being a little kid and crying for mommy. And laying on her lap and her playing with my hair and telling me its ok itll all be ok was better than any of the meds they tried me on better than group therapy and i think that is a major part of what has me feeling like a lb. And the crazy thing is ive always liked kid things like legos or cartoons heck i love disney movies and dragon ball z lol i still love watching all of that and now that i know this community exists which i found through her i have had less panick attacks well so far im new to it as of lastnight but i usually would have had a minor attack today but knowing i could verry well be an lb it idk how but it just helps alot
I'm so glad littlespace helps you with your ptsd. I havent really been able to explore my littlespace as much as I would like to but from a scientific point of view i can see how that would help ptsd not just from military but other trauma too. the ability to be vulnerable AND safe is something im totally trying to recover.

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