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Haha, that rhymes.

Bad jokes aside: lately I've been having pessimistic views of the world and losing hope on the positives. I feel like this world has more hate than love, and it makes me really sad. I feel like everyone is against each other and no one supports each other. Whenever I go around, I see hate, hostility, and conflict between people. What makes me feel even worse is when people are unforgiving towards each other. When I see people being hostile and angry, it makes me very scared and I want to hide from everyone. Some people I've talked to would tell me "that's life, deal with it" but I just don't want to. Life doesn't have to be this way. It could be so much better, but instead what I see makes me think that the world is full of hate. I've had experiences where I would get into a conflict with friends and they would turn against me. I've always been scared of this happening to anyone I talk to.

Now, I rarely have suicidal thoughts. They're not all that severe, and I never act on them, but sometimes when I think about this it makes me not want to live in the world anymore. Especially if "that's how life is." Again, I don't have thoughts on actually taking action and these thoughts are rare for me to have, but these thoughts do cross my mind.

When I lose hope like this, it makes me want to crave for a mommy's love and care even more. But when I'm on my own (which I have been for all of my life), I don't know how to cope with these thoughts.

I completely feel where you are coming from. I'm not sure if you and other folks here have seen the new movie called Detroit. When I was 5, my mom and her second husband lived on the north west edge of that madness near a road called Grand River. I'm fortunate to not remember any of it. But hailing from South East Michigan (yes - I'm from there and even know where the Eminem movie '8 Mile' was supposed to be at lol) I've watched for almost 40 years of my adult life as NOTHING really has changed. Those that felt deamonized, held down, held back, depressed, put down, taken advantage of, etc., still feel that way today. It doesn't matter what reality is, or how life treats folks - they "see" the world filled with hate towards them.

Look at the news from today for example. JK Rowlings tweets about how cruel our President is because he didn't shake the hand of a child in a wheel chair. Except, it never happened. Someone edited a video removing footage of the president shaking that childs hand FIRST at a news conference. Did JK apologize? Or own up to her "mistake"? What about all those that retweeted?

How much of what we see and hear really isn't true? This president 'conspired with the Russians to deny Hillary the presidency?' The previous president wasn't an American Citizen, having been born in Indonesia (I think that was the statements - or some such thing...)

I think our world is filled with hateful words - especially coming from an awful lot of the media. One of the things that I find fascinating today is how many folks "act" out on the rage they feel towards those they feel are "destroying" America. In my 55 years, this "acting out" or 'resisting' as it's called today, isn't new - unfortunately. The difference today from, say, the late 1930 / early 1940 is - well... Nothing! Politicians in DC practicing for a charity baseball game are attacked by a man looking for "Republicans". Speakers on College Campuses prevented from speaking because their speech will "trigger" someone. I remember reading last year about at least one college child losing it at the University of Michigan. Why? Someone dared write "Trump for President" in chalk on the sidewalk.

In my mind, it's folks like the one(s) who say "that's life, deal with it" who need help.

As I typed all of this, I kept seeing a smiley on my screen


That, to me, says it all!
Rehsapa~ Hiya hun... reading this made me really sad and I completely agree... it does seem there is more hate... and people saying "that's life deal with it" isn't very helpful. But the hate... it is out there.. and that's hard.... especially being a kind heart... there are others... great kind people who try to make the world a better place... all I can say is be that person... and hope to spread that love... I am so sorry.... as an Empath I know how hard it is and how much it hurts to see such hate and anger in the world.... but never lose hope! Keep your light shinning! Spread that love! One person can make a big difference. Maybe maybe one day it will spread all over and everything will be okay. Just hold onto that hope... please don't let it go... I know it's hard... but share your heart and let others grow from that. (I'm sorry I keep picturing the MLP moment where Thorax gets caught by Queen Christalys and him sharing his love changes him into something more beautiful and then that shows the others how beautiful things can be when you love and share freely with one another and then they all become more beautiful). And if you ever feel too down I'm here if you need to talk :splode:

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