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Sharing advice on how to seek, manage, and maintain a relationship that includes CGL identities.
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Understand that partnerships that include CGL identities are romances, regardless of physically intimate components. A partnership between a Little and a Caregiver is very emotionally charged. With this being said:

  • General dating advice and etiquette still applies. Look up tips for typical dating standards because the CGL portion is only an addition onto a regular romance!
  • Begging, whining, and complaining about not having a partner is not attractive. You don’t want to gain the reputation as the person who is so overwhelmed with desperation that it’s all they can talk about. Interact without letting your desire to have a partner take over and overshadow your personality. If you don’t let yourself shine then nobody will be able to see your sparkle!
  • Not every Caregiver will be magically compatible with every Little, yourself included. Don’t demand love where love doesn’t grow; all people, including Caregivers, have their own set of needs!
  • Standing out can be beneficial. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, looking like everyone else, talking like everyone else, and reciting the generic basics of being a little then you’re just blending in with everyone else. You should stand out so that your partner-to-be can see just how special you are!
  • You must maintain standards and develop your own criteria in filtering through those that are available. Settling for what you can get right now isn’t a good idea!
  • You must match on many levels, exceeding your prospective partner’s parental care and your regression. Caregivers aren’t toys, and you’ll be expected to help them, support them, invest in them, and cherish them as an equal partner too!
  • Do not agree to a relationship without having spent time learning about the other person. If you don’t know who they are on multiple, deep levels then you don’t know them well enough to trust they will consistently care for you in such a deeply special way!
  • As exciting as it may be, expect strong partnerships to take time to develop. Talk as friends for at least a few weeks before agreeing to titles and let your relationship develop, grow, and flourish as naturally as it will do!

The community dating site, DateCGL:

After creating an account on the dating site you can also post a personals ad on our community site here! The benefit of creating a personals as also on LittlespaceOnline is that it’s slightly more public than the dedicated platform while still maintaining a reasonable level of privacy, allowing more people in the community to be able to stumble upon your search without knowing too much about you before you even get a chance to meet them.

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