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Sharing advice on how to seek, manage, and maintain a relationship that includes CGL identities.
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I had a long term Daddy who was twice my age but a narcissist and treated me very bad and made me cry a whole lot.
Anytips to stop this happening again and finding a Daddy who is loving and real :heart:
Seriously take a lot of time getting to know someone very deeply before committing to being together on any level. Ask important questions up front, revisit them to be sure of their responses, cut out anyone who doesn’t align well enough with you, and be your own protector. Don’t be in a rush just because they identify as a Daddy. Expect your search to take a long time. Spend at least a couple of months getting to know the person before calling them Daddy or allowing them to call you their little, and be firm that they shouldn’t be your Daddy or call you per names until you’re both sure you want to commit to each other. Be confident that you know them well beyond any Daddy/little things because they are more than that just like you are more than just your regression. Don’t settle until you’re sure you’ll make a good team together.
I think you need some time for yourself.
You need time heal and be ok with yourself
Explore your interests and hobbies and the things that you're happy doing. Maybe take a day, pick out your cutest outfit, and go to the library and find a book to read. Maybe something different from your normal genre.

On side note it makes me sad to hear he made you cry a lot... That shouldn't happen. You don't deserve that.

Just my opinion
I hope this helps.

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