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Sharing advice on how to seek, manage, and maintain a relationship that includes CGL identities.
By PrincessSnowStuffie
Remember the #1 rule on here.
  • Just because you're a daddy, doesn't make you automatically someone else's daddy. It takes time to get to know you're little.
Word of advice too:
  • Check the profiles of Littles and read their posts (click on the blue number by "number of posts" on their profile) and scroll through them. It helps to know a bit about their personality before you speak to them.
If you're new to CGL, please state that and don't automatically look for someone and latch onto them just to get into a relationship.
It's a relationship, it's not suppose to be speed dating.
  • PM littles you're actually interested in instead of PMing a bunch, only to let the rest down when you only choose one.
  • Please be mindful of and open to all littles. I'm not saying you have to change your preferences, I'm saying some littles are sensitive to topics that may trigger them and/or other littles might not be interested in the same thing you are. Be mindful and aware.
  • Please be careful of what you say to a little, because some of us littles, sensitive or non-sensitive, with or without caregivers, have been exposed to things that can easily trigger us. Some people on here actually don't see that some topics can harm us in some way.
  • Include all littles/caregivers into the conversation. I'm talking about the chat. We lurk because we have no one to talk to. Shoot us a pm, caregiver or little. (I'm sadly one of the people that often gets kicked out of conversations and doesn't get attention.)

For all littles:

I'm always here if you want to talk or need advice. ^^ Don't be sad. It gets better. Don't be in a rush to get a daddy just because you're lonely or want one. The right daddy will come to you and he will make it worth the time you waited. Be aware of fake daddies, lovelies. <3

I know, I kinda went all over the place with this, but my mind's everywhere right now, it's just the type of person I am. Sorry.


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