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By catsuki
I have just got my first paci and when i tried to chew on it, i had saliva and felt i am going to he choked.
Each time i put it in, i feel i can not breathe through my mouth.

Is it because the teet is long? I need to adust it to make it shoter?

I am not use how to use the paci without taking it off after few seconds
yeah,pacifiers tend to generate a weird amount of saliva. nothing you can really do about that i don't think save just accept it but if you feel like it's chocking you then try making it shorter and see how you like it.

you may just have to accept that you might not actually LIKE sucking on a pacifier,though or that maybe you have issues with using one that you can't really fix.

if you can adjust it,i'm assuming you're using an adult baby one and not a normal one so maybe try buying just a normal baby's pacifier (that's what mine are and they work great) and see if the size difference fixes things or if you just can't handle them.

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