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Training pants

Posted: |May 21st, 2023|, 5:29 am
by catsuki
I am new into AB and I want to buy a traning pants since I am not sure if I would like the feeling of wearing dipers around the day.
also, traning pants are like underwear in its shape and I love it!
But I do not know how much it can handle.

I want to have something like diper, that can absorve the pee but I am not sure that it will comfortable for me to use diper.

Any advice for who has training pants?

Re: Training pants

Posted: |May 22nd, 2023|, 12:30 pm
by kikicakes
Welcome to the world of being an AB :) when I started I started out with wearing Goodnites. I've never liked pull-up underwear meant for adults since they're not as cute and to me not as comfortable. I feel that how much training pants can handle...depends. Sometimes I am a heavy wetter sometimes not. In the end I feel like one wetting is best to be on the safe side. or if you wet more than once maybe sit with an underpad or changing pad underneath you in case you have an accident if it leaks.

Re: Training pants

Posted: |May 25th, 2023|, 12:31 am
by catsuki
My keyboard hates me, I meant AB

I think pullup will be the best opition for me

I want diper that is much closer to pants ( panties) but also can adsorve like diper that I will not have to change it few times in a day.