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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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By lotus12
so i am a little (know this for 8 months now) but im also a care giver (only just recently however) to my partner (shes a little to) and lately shes been stressed out alot due to her curnt situation with one of her other partners (i wont go into detail with that since its there personl things) and ive wanted to help her relax and take her mind away from it, shes mentioned how its been hard for her to slip into little space and that she really wants to. how can i help you do this? what can i as her caregiver do to help not only slip but relax once she does? any advice is aprecatied at this time as i am still new to all of this. :hi: :craze:
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By RedneckKitty
ask her what would help her get into Littlespace. does she have a favorite tv show or movie? maybe give her a bath and wash her hair. CUDDLES!!!!

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