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Firstly hii im blueberry. (not real name) I'll be Honest. I got mad at my little tonight i told him to take out his contacts for bedtime i told him im not going to bed until he takes them out. Was this wrong for me. Im an adult.. I need advice on this. Idk what to do please help.

PS: so sorry if theres not a lot of info im quite tired..
By Deleted User 69497
If the agreement between you two allows you to tell him what to do for bedtime, then you have the right to do so, and if he disobeys, then appropriate consequences are warranted. If there is no agreement, or this is not allowed by the agreement, then you don't have that right. It may be you need to sit down with your little and talk about what the rules are and what the consequences for breaking the rules would be.

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