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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I don’t know why but it seems like every time I try to go into little space something bad happens and I get forced out or I have to pick up big girl responsibilities and I get forced out. It’s been making me kind of depressed lately.

Even though I make sure to make time for me to regress in a safe place something always happens and I DJ t know why. It’s starting to get to where I’m crying when I get pulled out. I don’t know what to do..
same I feel there's outside factors that are pulling us out. I've been coming up with solutions and I think having other people usher us and be little like us would help. I want to find a "public" space to go and be with other littles but I've only been able to find BeDeeSeM clubs. Idk about you guys but I've noticed it's much easier keeping little side and sexy side separate. Another group I found does crafts but only like once every couple of months and I can't always make it on those times and days. I'm not in a small city but it's not as diverse as LA or NY apparently. For now hoping to surround myself online until there can be a physical friendship. Does anyone else with kids/non sub house mates have any suggestions or coping success?
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Yeah I fell it soo mach
My family don't kown that I am a little and I don't know how they will react to it as whenever I act like a kid younger than my age they always scold me and tell I should act like a adult.
Whenever I try to go in my headspace someone will bump into me and tell me to act like a big girl. :tears:

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