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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I am in a place in my life where I am not ready for an in-person relationship but would be interested in a long distance relationship. I’m also an older little and feel like sharing pics and videos would take me out of little space. So I’m basically left wanting a text only relationship. :/ That can’t be desirable to anyone else, could it? Lol.

So is that something I could ask for on the ddlg dating sites? Or is that just not a thing? I can see how it’s limiting but I wouldn’t be any less committed or genuine through text. And if someone wants to explore their daddy-side privately, or if they have time constraints from a demanding job or life… I think it could work. But maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for listening! :pinkh:
By Deleted User 69497
It’s ok to want a text only relationship and if you hop on chat you will find a lot of littles on there. While they are not CGs, they will help you explore and understand your little side better. And best of all no pictures or video needed.
By Deleted User 70612
There are other littles who have that kind of relationship. I am sure if you talk to them they can help you out in know where to go and how to go from there to find the right cg for you.
I get the feeling that the underlying notion here is that you don’t want to really invest yourself into someone else or a serious relationship but also don’t expect the other person to seriously or deeply invest either. That you want to be obligation-free and keep your anonymity to a point.

Perhaps you’re just looking for a chat buddy who is comfortable carrying on a large amount of roleplay, which could potentially include romantic or physically intimate roleplay if you’re also seeking that sort of gratification. I think if this is likely the case then you should be upfront and clear that you’re not looking for a serious relationship but moreso Caregiver/Little roleplay and (flirtatious, maybe?) frequent but fairly casual chatting that leaves a good deal of anonymity between you two.

Being a Little and experiencing moments of more regressed expressions shouldn’t be your only interactions with your partner—unless it’s really just some online roleplay and not really a personal connection where either person is expected to bond on multiple levels, through various means. Expecting a romantic partner to treat you as a child literally all of the time is not healthy and falls under likely emotional use, abuse, and neglect. If you’re expecting your chats to always center around you being a Little or always actively in littlespace then don’t seek a relationship, seek a roleplay buddy who understands and agrees to the real life vs roleplay boundaries. I think if a “relationship” dynamic is centered around one person perpetually acting as a child and the other perpetually acting as their parent of sorts then a lot is missing, including a much deeper bond that I feel validates the relationship as being more than RP or LARPing.

If you think that’s not it and that you are, indeed, looking for a commitment and emotional bond where you get to know someone outside of their Caregiving and they know you outside of your regressive feelings then perhaps you need to do some personal discoveries first before seeking a serious partnership with a Caregiver. Caregiving is deeply emotional in an actual relationship, and a Little should be giving back by acknowledging, showing gratitude, and returning the emotional investments. It is genuinely very unusual to never even get to see photos of your boyfriend/girlfriend and that’s only one point to be made here. Your post would be full of “red flags” that you’re just not ready. And it’s okay to not be ready—as long as you’re honest with yourself and others as you interact online.

Having personally maintained a dating platform, I think plenty of people in the community understand the desire to have a close roleplay buddy. I think you’d get a good response if you were honest with your expectations and boundaries.

The only big downside I could see for you right now in seeking a RP buddy is accepting that your chat buddy may effectively leave when they’re done with the roleplay storyline, which isn’t a timeframe anyone could predict. Though, at the same time you can’t expect long-term commitment and investment from someone you’re not equally committing and investing in either. I don’t think this should hold you back right now in your life unless you foresee over issues, such as trying to also seek or maintain an in-person or local partnership. Worrying over something ending and any sort of partner leaving wouldn’t be resolved by seeking an actual relationship anyway so maybe I’ve said this point for no good reason. After all, the divorce rate is now something like 50% in the US so I suppose a RP buddy moving on isn’t any better or worse, statistically.

Though, just to make it clear since it was suggested, please don’t use our chat system to intentionally seek out said roleplay buddy. We’re more here for group chatting, knowledge exchanges, and friendly social connections. We don’t want to promote the community as being full of online-only characters or encourage that to be how the community transforms.

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