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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I've recently started reading about littles. And I'm beginning to think I am one. I haven't discussed this with my Husband yet, but he loves taking care of me and pampering me. We are a gay male couple, I am 38 and he is 36.
Do I have to be older then my Husband to be a little?
Are there any online communities in the UK for gay littles and daddies where I can chat and ask about things and uk events etc.
I think I might be a little. I'm not into nappies/diapers or AB. But I am a big kid, I have stuffies, love colourful childlike clothes, blankies, and being looked after. I can be a bit of a brat sometimes as well. Not sure how I feel about pacifiers yet but I think I would like to try.
I'm feeling so overwhelmed with all this information.
Thank you in advance.
yaoiboy :heart:
By Deleted User 70612
You do not have to be younger than your daddy. I do not know about anything in the UK but we do have people come into main chat from the UK and talk. Littles are in all ages in main chat so no need to worry and we talk in big space and little.

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