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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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i have been living with my roommate for about 6 months now, and today she came home early because she had wet her pants at work. i made a small joke asking if they'd like me to clean them up, she said no and went into her room, but then came out maybe 5 minutes later only wearing there underwear and a bra, holding a pink diaper. i think they wanted me to put it on them but i didnt know what to do. after a moment or so they said sorry and ran back into there room, and just left to go back to work about half an hour ago. i haven't heard about AB or age regression before, and only just did a small bit of research into it. im not against it and i honestly think its kinda cute. how would i bring up to my roommate that id like to try being part of it with her
I’m sorry but it’s really difficult to honestly believe this played out, at least the way you’ve described it. As my partner said before laughing, “Uh, that’s the start of a cheesy AB themed adult film!”

Really though, in a span of only a half hour you’re claiming you’ve not only found the regression community for the first time and learned about the AB acronym but also confidently determined you want to participate in your roommates diaperwearing, a roommate that you’ve only known for 6 months and who randomly completely not only exposed her medical issue in her public workspace but also dumbly assumed you’d be involved because of a light, but obvious, joke.

Plus, you’re saying she undressed down to her soaked underwear and nonverbally suggested you suddenly diaper her but didn’t even shower or wash up from the accident. Might she be mentally unwell? Why is this not the question you’re asking? Is there more context? Have you talked about these things before or something?

I think if this happened to me I wouldn’t immediately assume they’re AB or a Little, and I wouldn’t run to the internet to search for adult diaperwearing communities. I’d think they must have a medical condition and sometimes are dense on understanding appropriate boundaries between roommates. I feel like initially assuming she must be into this community isn’t the right thought pattern. I don’t think my first thoughts here would be to “participate” but, rather, concern for the mental health of my roommate. She just did something extreme and humiliating that she hasn’t done in the whole 6 months that you’ve known her, she’s just displayed unhygienic bodily care, and has removed the respectful boundaries from your shared living space without discussion or consent. Something’s not right, wouldn’t you agree?

Though, really, when is it normal or healthy to be putting your roommate’s underwear (what a diaper is!) on them? That doesn’t strike you as odd? You’re not concerned about the boundaries she’s clearly crossed on appropriate living space behavior? You have no concerns how this may change your shared living space or status as roommates? You’re not even remotely concerned about her medical condition or why she’s risking pissing herself in public even though she clearly not only has medical garments to prevent it but lush ones from adult interest brands?

Really? Really? A half hour online and you have no questions or concerns other than how to re-initiate some random diapering scene with her? No reasons to discuss it, no wondering what questions to ask, no worry she’s having a mental breakdown—just, straight up, how can you tell her you blindly want involved in her very personal, very private space that includes her genitals, urine, and potential excrement?

If this actually somehow did happen then there’s no other helpful advice to give but to sit down and have a conversation with her about it. Making assumptions of what your roommate was thinking isn’t smart.
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