New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I've recently discovered this WHOLE DD/LG thing. It's great. I've always loved being called Daddy. And now that i know about this lifestyle, I realize that i want the type of caregiver authority figure role. But i don't know how to broach it IRL. How do you guys share this with people you date? Do you only date within the community? I feel like I'd be eternally shunned by my family if i told them I wanted be a daddy to a sweet princess.

Just wondering how you all navigate this. Thanks!
Join an actual dating site for Daddies and Littles and look for local singles (or singles willing to relocate if you’re open to temporary long-distance) using their search or location feature(s).

We can only safely recommend DateCGL:

Be aware that there are known scam sites posing as community dating platforms out there.

Yes, you will still have to make regular dating efforts like filling out a profile well, reading through profiles, and sending first messages of a couple of sentences versus just “hi,” “what’s up?” or “are you looking for a Daddy?” Be prepared for some rejection. Be prepared to be active and not so passive. There is no shortcut that makes any type of serious dating effortless.
If I may offer a bit of advice:

I strongly encourage you to learn and explore on your own, and to not enter a relationship until you feel educated about yourself as a Daddy.

You really need to have a good idea of what it means for you to be a Daddy and the type of regression you appreciate before joining the dating pool. It isn’t fair to expect others to let you experiment with them when you’re not even sure of yourself and just freshly discovering the community.

These relationships are based strongly on emotion, with a lot of folks tying their regressive feelings and expressions to serious past traumas, and a lot of damage can occur by naively using others to “explore” your own identity within it. Learn and explore first on your own by reading available resources (not stimulating material or fanfiction type stories) and casually group chatting before involving someone else individually.

I know it can be exciting to find the community for the first time but you may need to have a heart to heart with yourself about accountability and responsibility. Patience and preparedness is important.
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