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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Moriens wrote: 1 year ago I'm 36 but feel like I'll always feel the same way...honestly haven't really felt any different mentally since 13 or 14, other than just getting wiser and all that jazz. It is interesting to think about...
Honestly, same! It's crazy to me that I'm 38, not because I feel like I'm truly a child - I'm just a person, idk - but I always thought being older would feel different somehow and it just doesn't. I'm still mildly confused when people refer to me as a woman or ma'am or something.
Yeah, I still hate it when people call me sir lol. I still like the casual dude or hey man, etc. It is neat to see so many perspectives on all of this, along with people who feel more-or-less the same in other aspects. Still a lot for me learn, but glad I came here to do just that. The community has been great here so far and everyone has been super helpful.
As I'm getting more into little stuff, I'm realizing just how much I was doing a lot of these things normally anyways. My desk, both at home and at the office, is covered with plastic models, toys, and stuffies, I love brightly colored pens/inks/highlighters, I have lots of pins on my bags and jacket. My coworkers have said "wow! We're like a real startup!" when they see me eating cinnamon toast crunch that I brought in haha.

What I like about being older is that I'm able to do whatever I want. I can just go to the bakery and buy all the cookies I want! Or trading cards! (before Target stopped selling them because people were getting into physical fights over them :( ) I can bike around the park all afternoon or stay inside all day and watch tv and play video games!

I have begun doing dedicated "small time" but it's more of a "no thoughts, head empty" kind of thing than "this is the only period I'm going to let myself play with toys." Painting expensive, high-end models and listening to true crime podcasts is a little similar to coloring and having cartoons on, but one of them still requires a lot of conscious thought/effort and the other is just doing whatever and not worrying about doing things "right" or "well." It's nice to not have to worry :)
HI! I am also like this! I act child-like a lot to the point that I don't think many people in the BeDeeSeM community like me. Cause I act younger than I am when I feel comfortable and safe and I think it makes people doubt my age. I can act like an adult when people pee me off or annoy me or something is going on that I don't like and I speak up about it though but, if I feel all safe and stuff, my cute little side comes out. I can't really help it. I can't just turn it on and off but I guess I can kinna pause it? I dunno. So yeah, you're not the only one.
I am that way without trying. What I have to do is keep my guard up and act my age - or at least a socially acceptable version there of when out in public.
I'm over 50 but feel 7 to 10 and I love younger age group toys.
I had to tear myself away not to get down and play with soft blocks at a picnic. When I walk through a department store I look at all the toys 3 to 7.
Today, someone posted a pic of a sports car and I thought of my Matchbox cars and being down on my hands and knees going "Vroom"
I still lay on the floor on my blankee and watch cartoons. I am alone, so I'm free to do so.
So I have to pretend to be a grown up to get by, but I am normally little in my head.
I think I get what you mean. I just learned about the whole little thing and naturally feel myself to be middle. I’m certainly not infant or toddler like most people to identify. I don’t crave a pacifier but I do have a blank and stuffed animals I’ve collected over time. I can never leave one that’s been put in recycling at my job. I color and watch cartoons all the time. My anime wall scroll of Misato is still on my wall in front of a shelf that holds my littlest pet shop toys from my childhood. I’m constantly told I’m cute when I sneeze or anything. I’m 37. I like cute stuff and I still approach things as my teen self did. Yeah I’ve got responsibilities and I tend to those, but I’m always feeling like a kid that needs an adult. It’s not something that I role play or switch on. It’s who I am all the time. I’m simply just not adult enough. Can’t say why. But it’s how I’ve always felt.
I relate to this a lot, and I think it's why I didn't realize that I'm a little until recently. I thought that the word little only applied to people who roleplay as children. Personally I feel like a kid on the inside who acts like a grownup only when I have to. I felt super alienated in high school because I saw all my friends grow up and act all mature while I kinda just stayed the same. Even though I don't relate to a lot of my peers, I have a supportive family which helps a lot. :yay:
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