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I'm super new to this community but I've been interested in CGL and Daddykink for about 4 - 5 years.

My partner is very open-minded and tolerant. He would fulfill any of my wishes if he's able to. I recently touched on the subject as he encouraged me to share about my (sexual) desires. He knew about my liking for Pet Play but I've never told him about my interest for DDLG and Daddykink. I always feared that he would find it too freaky and "pedophile". Despite that, it finally slipped out of my mouth and he wasn't like "DDLG? What's that??" - no, instead he asked me if I want to become his little girl. It was probably the ideal chance, but I didn't go into the subject further...

Now I think that I can definitely address my wishes with him but somehow...I'm still insecure.
I don't want to run over him with that. Where should we start if he agrees with my wish?
I think throwing the aspects of little space, rules and punishments directly at him is too much for the beginning, right? So when would it be appropriate to incorporate these components into our relationship (yes, it's individual...)?

I must say it also does have a sexual component for me - I'm not an asexual little. As I said before, he already knows about my liking for Pet Play and we already included it lightly in our couply-times.

I would like to have some advice of how to initiate DDLG/Ageplay-Elements in a relationship?
(Well, he knew about my Pet Play kink before we even started dating)

If you had a "normal" relationship in the beginning, how did you transition to a CGL relationship? I would be really interested in hearing your experiences guys! ::3:
It seems like he wants to be your daddy! I wouldn't be too worried about bringing it up again since it sounds like he was interested in it when you first brought it up, and it's unlikely he would change his mind so quickly.

Maybe the two of you could sit down and just talk about it? He seems really nice and accepting. But every little's needs and wants are different so what turning this into a DDLG thing means is really up to you. Talk to him, tell him what you want, ask what he's okay or not okay with, and find some things you think you'd both like to add to your relationship. Maybe you could start by just calling him "Daddy"?

I'm not an expert by any means though, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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