New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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We personally don't side or agree with this concept in the community.

In short, a LittleSitter would be a stand-in Caregiver in a CG/L dynamic. While it may not be obvious, a LittleSitter is analogous to *******-workers and actually not so similar to what an actual babysitter does, aside from the part where there are no long term commitments.

Throughout the years we have seen a couple of directories listing LittleSitters. We wouldn't ever recommend any Little seeking emotional fulfillment to go to these people – these people are running a business, and no matter how attached they may act towards a Little, they only accept paying customers.

CG/L is a beautiful relationship dynamic based on love and mutual acceptance, not monetary exchange. You shouldn't ever resort to paying somebody to make you feel special. All Littles deserve better, not to be treated like a customer nor to be preyed upon.

Sorry if we were blunt, we just can't stand the idea of Littles feeing trapped into thinking they would ever find fulfillment by means of paying somebody else.
As my personal perspective as a caregiver, I completely disagree with using an adult baby sitter. It’s degrading. It’s friends-with-benefits where one side is receiving no actual benefit unless they’re being paid (which goes beyond FWB and into the prostitution category or as a career path, which isn’t what a caregiver is or does).

As a reminder, I’m speaking strictly about CGL, not necessarily including BDSM roleplay that accompanies for many.

You first must understand that a caregiver isn’t a caregiver because it’s their job or because it’s their hobby. Caregivers are caregivers also because of their personality, and the way they display love and affection is by mock-parenting. Being a devoted, proud parent to a partner is a firm of love. It’s extremely emotionally-based, through and through.

The entire point of having a caregiver (or a makeshift, temporary one that’s used as a noncommittal stand-in) is so a little feels loved (cherished, special, prioritized). Having a “sitter” would allow that but without a little having to show true care back to the sitter. Using someone emotionally just so you feel special is not really okay.

A CGL is a bond that is grown. Over time the caregiver takes on more parental care over the little, who they grow to love and desire to express romantic feelings toward. The little discovers what appreciation methods are most valued by their caregiver, equally prioritizing their partner’s happiness and fulfillment too. It’s very emotionally driven.

A caregiver doesn’t truly provide anything s little is truly incapable of fulfilling for themselves aside from the feeling of being loved. Littles do not actually require caregivers to be fulfilled until it gets to the point of wanting an emotional bond of feeling cherished.

So, an ABsitter is expected to prioritize and mock-love this little who is expected to give nothing back. The sitter gains nothing but gave a lot emotionally. The only way to appropriately carry this out could potentially be a financial reward—payment just like a regular babysitter. That could teeter into prostitution for some, depending on the extent of the care agreed upon. Blah, blah, blah, prostitution is illegal in many locations.

Babysitters get paid. It’s their reward for giving of themselves while not being able to truly parent the child.
Caregivers of the elderly and disabled are also paid. Again, it’s their reward for giving of themselves for the needs of another they are likely not actually emotionally bonded to.

So, if the idea of having some fake love for awhile in exchange for your money entices you then alright, but we would not encourage such an arrangement to be sought. Caregiving is the way a person expresses their love for another. It’s kind of wrong, in my opinion, to take that without being able to exchange the same in return.

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