New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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So, total newbie with many questions here, so forgive me for any ignorance.

I've been curious of/ gazing vaguely longingly at age play related things for awhile, but never really got the gumption together to actually explore in any concrete way. On reflection my wife and I have always had unstated shades of caregiver little in our relationship, but have never described our relationship in that particular way. Probably for not very good reasons (shame and embarrassment lead to stuffing that sort of uncomfortable thought down the memory hole).

For context: We met in the BDSM scene, me being more dominant and her being very bratty, childish and cute and all that. I've always loved spoiling her after scenes (cuddles and candy fix all the ouchies!) and we've kindof unconsciously been doing various age regressiony things around the house (our holiday tradition is to "age-wegwess and wuv and wet it out" by cuddling in a cat bed of blankets in the living room for a days long pokemon marathon).

So, anyway, my actual question: With general 2020 stress, anxiety and depression I've been asking myself some tough questions and kinda coming to the conclusion that I might have my own little side that I've been repressing for awhile. I'm still more than happy to have periods of caregiving dommy play with my wife, but also maybe want to have moments where we hang out together as little sisters or whatever? I dunno, labels are hard. Were poly anyway, so if I wanted my own big at some point that's not a real problem. There's nothing really wrong per se, but were just talking about things could be even better moving forward.

Kinda just wondering, how common is this sort of experience for other littles? How have people negotiated similar relationships? That sorta thing.
This is a good question. I would strongly encourage you to visit our available resources section for plenty of educational articles. In case it wasn’t yet clear, BDSM daddy dom/little girl roleplay is not necessarily regression or littlespace experiences, and this is something that our articles address.

Within our educational materials you’ll find a helpful article that goes over incorrect labeling using the “switch” term, and that these inaccuracies often are linked to being a sibling, often a big brother or sister, who is also comfortable caretaking alongside their own regression. There is nothing wrong with “playing house” or being a little who is also into BDSM (which may not incorporate your regression, or may not align with the BDSM assumption that X role is always submissive/Y role is always dominant; also, a little could absolutely roleplay as a Mommy or Daddy, including within BDSM scenes). The notion of a “switch” doesn’t honestly exist in the CGL world, but reading through the resources and the posts on the forum can help you understand more of what I mean.

Take your time and enjoy learning. Best of luck in your personal discovery!

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