New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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hi! usually to get into headspace i change into comfy clothes and listen to cute music, then start coloring or playing. it comes pretty naturally to me after that, but i know some people like to be "talked down" and spoken to like a little kid in order to get there easier. for me i know i'm in headspace when i go nonverbal and stop feeling stressed in any way. i hope that helped at all!
Normally what I'll do to get into littlespace is watch cartoons or cuddle with some stuffed animals. Another good way that helps me is wearing oversized clothing! It makes me feel cute haha ::3: For me, feeling small is the way to think small, if that makes sense. I think how everyone gets into their headspace is different though, and you might have to experiment to find what works for you if you have trouble getting into it. Hope this helps!! :pinkh:
Different for everyone I guess. For me if I'm at home and have time I'll put on clothes that make me feel little and then get under the blankets with my stuffy. I have some YouTube channels I like that make me feel safe/ like a kid so I usually watch those on my phone.

I never used to, but recently I started sucking my thumb while little. I just ordered my first pacifier because I know I really like sucking on something and I figure that's a better alternative. I'm super excited actually and even thinking about having it makes me feel little.

I don't need Mommy to feel little, in fact I'm less self conscious on my own and I feel more able to explore regressing. It's just a bit hard because I do live with my (biological) parent and it's stressful that they could walk in on me in little space.

But anyways I find it's not that hard to "get" to little space. I go there naturally when I'm stressed or upset. Having stimulus like clothes/toys/videos/pacifiers really helps, but isn't "necessary". I think of it a bit like meditating. You can meditate anywhere, but having a quiet room and the right surroundings makes it easier and more fulfilling.
First, id like to thank you guys for the advice and for how nice you guys are. I’m new to all this and I was doing research. I’m not at all experienced and your replies helped me out a bunch. ☺️
Well, that is something really special. Everyone will have their own way depending on which they are and what age they retreat to.

For me, I use diapers, a paci, stuffies, a blankie that variety of material you’d compare with a child. I find this assists me to get to my littlespace it could work for you but like I said it depends on the person. If I were you I would try different ways for you to get your self into your own littlespace and see what works. Think about what age you regress to and try things that are associated with that age, if I use my self as an example again I regress to about 2 - 3 so diapers and stuff like that help me.
I get into littlespace pretty quickly when I watch kid movies or shows. However, outside of that I like to wear really bright clothing or baggy clothes. Big me only wears warm clothes so the bright colors gets me going. Also, Baggy close makes me feel small. :splode:
I usually cuddle with my dog or my stuffies, or just talk to some of my little friends. Personally, I don’t usually have a very hard time getting into littlespace, but getting back out can be difficult especially when I’m scared.

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