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Do you think I can be a little?

Posted: |November 26th, 2020|, 9:09 pm
by angelFeathers
Hi, everyone... I've been looking into little space for a few years now, I think, and I find that there's a lot of overlap between the helpful list of qualities here and myself. I feel a bit conflicted, though? A lot of what I see in myself relates to my autism in some way, like not wanting change or loving hugs. I sometimes think I'm being too "babied" by my parents since, even though I'm a biological adult, I need reminders to do basic care stuff like doing laundry and brushing my teeth. I basically need to be watched to make sure I get homework completed. I want to get more independent, but at the same time, I really really want a space for myself where I can embrace that childish side of me. I've done my research, and I feel like sharing whatever "little me" wants to without shame would be nice. Is it okay if I explore that side of me here with all of you?

Re: Do you think I can be a little?

Posted: |November 26th, 2020|, 11:30 pm
by shypricessmermaidgin
:hi: Yes of course we want you to explore your little/middle side with us!!!
And welcome to the site!
:splode: :stuffie: