New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Hi all! I never had hav a daddy, or a caregiver. I try to be little for myself. I Make a book with letters for my future daddy... Maybe is some silly, but it help me to feel me little. The cartons too help me, I love phineas and ferb. And disney movie whit a lot of songs! And scary movies too are fun! The candy too, the other day i had all day up with only a chocolate ice cream. But.... If i never had hav a daddy, I'm a real little?

PSD: sorry for my typing mistakes. I practical daily and try to improve. I swear!
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By admin
Having a significant other does not have anything to do with the personality trait that is being a little. The identity does not center around relationship status. Littles do not need Caregivers to be able to be little. A romance is not required to regress.

Please feel free to read through our educational articles, including our guide to identifying if you’re a little.

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