New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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So, like it or leave it, I'm pretty sure I'm a little. I don't think that I get super young, which is probably a good thing, in my case...

But I've been noticing that when I resist slipping, I get a headache. Is this normal? I resisted hard last night because I was hanging out with my siblings and I swear my brain felt so bogged down. I found it took a LOT of effort just to make myself talk.

I dunno. Sometimes I just don't want to embrace that side of myself. I don't want anyone to think I'm weird. ::(:
It’s, most logically, probably just stress-induced headaches from the sudden worry of the situation.

It could be helpful to investigate and explore ways to discreetly reduce your stress during those moments, have your blood pressure checked regularly, stay to a healthy diet, and make sure you’re always well hydrated. Talk with your doctor if this persists so that they can help you manage them better. If you have a therapist then definitely discuss this type of stress response with them.
You were right! It was likely stress. :splode: I've been having lots of that lately, though not sure from what exactly. Thank you for the advice, though! I'm getting a therapist soon so I'll likely open up about everything. (Trying to stay hydrated, I'm teeerrible at remembering to drink throughout the day~)
I dunno if you're still looking for answers, but I can validate your feelings! I get intense headaches if I resist slipping for too long.

I was half-responsible for cooking Thanksgiving this year, and literally the whole time I had the pressure to slip in the back of my head because it had been a WHILE since Daddy and I had a littlespace day. We also had our kid for the holiday so that meant even if we wanted to, we had to hold off until after she went to her grandfather's. It was like... Tuesday?? I think. Before I finally had the opportunity to slip, and ooh boy... >.< the hours leading up to it were not fun. Lots of bouncing back and forth between big and little, with a constant stress-headache.

Once I slipped of course, things were fine, but I'd had to hold off for long enough that it took some doing to actually let go into the regression.

But... maybe I'm not the best example, bc I have chronic migraines. So, I have a headache most of the time :>.<:
Oh nooo, that sounds busy!! :( Thanksgiving was kinda loud for me 'cause we have a big family. (And even if not a lot of people came, there was still lots of talking and I didn't really like it. :>o<: I'm physically disabled so thankfully no one expects me to help out a lot.) I'm sure it felt better once you could let go, though! I placated myself by being half-in/half-out, and it was easier to relax once most everyone left. And my uncle had turned on Mary Poppins, so that held my attention, too. ::3: I think the stress of trying to stay big must cause stress headaches, or somethin'.

Little me has been at the forefront ever since I woke up today! Sucks for me 'cause I gotta do some drawing as a little side-job I have, but every time I look at the sketches I have to refine, I just get that little feeling of 'I don't wanna do that, wanna do something fun'.

I'll have to be big-big eventually today, but a few more hours of play might be fine... :gigs:
I'm an artist too, maybe you can bribe little you with coloring if you get your linework done?

And I think so, yeah. Cuz we're so focused on not slipping that I wouldn't be surprised if we unconsciously tense our shoulders and necks and stuff.

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