New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends. Not introductions!
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Hi there!
It's Sabrina here hehe!
So, I think I might be a little but i am not sure and I know that you said in your post you can just tell someone if they are little or not but I really feel like I am for some reason. I am pretty new to all of this but I have looked into it a bunch and i relate to a lot of posts about going into little space. Ever since I was young I have always kind of had a child-like personality and never really grew out of my kid phase I guess you could say. I am 18 years old about to be 19 but I still love playing with barbie dolls, baby alive dolls, baby dolls, littlest pet shop, etc. I also have a huge collection of stuffed animals that I sometimes play with and sleep with every night. I love watching kids tv shows such as Spongebob, Paw Patrol, Blues Clues, Bubble Guppies, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Victorious, Sam and Cat, Power Rangers, My little Pony, Power puff girls etc. I love going to the park and playing around and being all silly like a little kid. I also love coloring, finger painting, taking baths, having cute little snacks, sucking on pacifiers, talking in a babyish voice, wearing little kids clothes, playing games, watching disney movies, doing arts and crafts, drinking out of a sippy cup and big girl cups, sometimes but not all the time crawling around on the floor, doing my hair in cute little hairstyles, doing imaginative play, singing in a little kid voice, going shopping for little kid type things, playing dress up, taking photography of nature, riding my bike, playing with animals. reading, playing little kids games on the computer and on my 3DS, watching little space videos on youtube, listening to little kids music and nursery rhymes, and I also often have dreams that I am a little kids playing with toys but also technically still an adult. What does all of this mean?
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By admin
Please, please, please understand that we don't know. We don’t know you personally or deeply enough to make such a judgement about who you are as an individual. We just aren't you. We don't know nearly enough about you to be able to give such a specific evaluation. I know, it stinks that you can't just ask someone else to get this answer, but it's too deeply personal for us to just know about other people.

A group of strangers on an anonymous online forum simply cannot tell you if you are, who you are, or where your littlespace commonly falls. It's okay though, and it's okay that you may be in a little self-doubt mood in your journey of discovering yourself. There’s no medical diagnosis to being a little so I understand feeling conflicted about what you believe to be indicators.

You are you though! You can figure this out. You do know, deep down inside of you.
Spookyprincessxoxo wrote: 1 month ago I really feel like I am for some reason. I am pretty new to all of this but I have looked into it a bunch and i relate to a lot of posts about going into little space.
Okay then, it sounds like you know what the answer is for yourself.

If you feel strongly that these points you’ve listed mean something, and that something is identified as “being a little” then I think that’s pretty reasonable. After all, nobody knows you as well as you do! If you feel these are your indicators then okay. Learn more about being a little and let yourself do your own self-discoveries however that is manifested for you.

You can check out our resource on identifying if you’re a little, and we invite you to spend time reading through our other available articles.

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