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By Deleted User 56682
Hi everyone 😊

I haven't wanted to do an thing little related in a really long time on purpose but recently I realise I may have been getting closer to littlespace unintentionally. And you know what, I like it. Here's how:

*Listening to music box versions of songs I like before going to bed. I wonder if there any actual wooden music boxes out there that can I can put playlists to? Sometimes while I'm listening to the melodies I'll put my feet up to the air while rest in on my back, apparently it's good for blood circulation *shrugs*
So while my feet are up there they usually just do lazy circles but sometimes I point my feet & suddenly I'm a ballet dancer tip-toeing gracefully in the air :yes: . Or I flex my toes the other way & I'm a runway model sashaying down a ramp :rofl: sashay, shantay, otay :shuff:

* Sitting on a pillow on the floor. I've always done this but it kind of clicked that maybe the change in perspective from down here makes me feel small (in a good way) which kinda prompted me to think of little space. I don't know, maybe :-?:

So I'm not going to fight it, I'm just going to see where this goes without letting anyone else get involved with my little space.

So what do you guys do that makes you feel little or puts you in little space that isn't exactly typical?( Typical would be like wearing a onesie, worrying on a paci etc)
I've been blaming it on being ENFP and having ADHD. I get excited about lots of little happy things and I naturally go into my little space. I have to tone it down at work, so I end up seeming shy.

Glittery, colorful, positive things tend to bring out the little in me. I love music and when we go to the grocery store, they tend to play upbeat fun songs. I usually end up dancing silly to them and hopscotching the floor tiles. When we go to Game Stop, a comic or book store, I just let my littleness go. I run around and play with different toys and push buttons and squee at cute or awesome stuff. The weather can make me go into my little space too. Like if the day is very sunny and happy, the clouds have funny shapes, or there's a rainbow. Also, if the fallen leaves are crunchy when you step on them, or the snow is perfect for building snowpeople!

Hubby makes me go into my little space too. I feel most comfortable around him, so it comes out most of the time. It happened at Walgreens once. I was singing about Hubby taking me to Wendy's for a Frosty. Some guy was filling out an application to work there and he looked at me shocked. I smiled bashfully and then kept singing. Thinking about it later, I hope I didn't distract him from the application. Job applications are not fun at all!

Strangers who are laughing or are excited also put me into a little space. Kids can too, if they are being silly. If someone's wearing fun clothes, have fun colored hair, or fun tattoos also make me go into my little space. So it happens a lot. :-D
By Deleted User 56682
Oh wow, you sound like a little ball of happiness :craze: It's so cute!
Personally, I've never seen snow (slush, once... a decade ago) cause it's too warm where I live but when I do, got any tips for not freezing my fingers off & making snow people?
Also the sky being pretty colours or having funny clouds is definately enough to distract a little, totally agree :nodyes:
Well... I always wear water resistant gloves. I lived in the upper Midwest and then moved to Hubby's state in the upper New England area, so winter clothes are easy to find. Usually, snow around 32 degrees is wet enough to stick together. If it's a little colder outside, you can bring out a little water and mix it with the snow to make it stick together. If you don't have water resistant gloves or enough snow, you can always make a cute mini snowperson. I do that sometimes too! :heart:

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