New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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I am new to being little however I have always been a big kid, I’m in my 30s but I’ve always liked children’s cartoon even now, I act silly and people are always telling me to grow up, it’s been a theme in my life the being told to grow up and my inner child shrugs and says to those people why would I want to grow up and that’s my core belief that growing up isn’t for me it’s not who I am and I don’t like being a grown up.

I’ve not really explored beyond that, to not being little won’t be a sexual thing as I am Asexual, to me it’s more that it makes me feel safe in this world that’s gone mad :MM:

I brought a adult pacifier today the little me is excited but grown up me is a little concerned what my parented will think 🤔 or how they will react. Grow up me worries too much and is anxious a lot of the time.

I have a few questions about adult pacifiers, how do you clean them? How often should I replace the silicon nipple, can I sleep with one in and would be okay to hide my pacifier when I am out using a bandana/ mask and what other things to littles do?

I’ve always had cuddly toys, watched cartoons. Also I know some littles use diapers, is it just for make believe or do they actually use them to go potty? :pacy:

Sorry this just feels kinda new to me :pen:
Hi :pacy:

So I have no idea how often the nipples should be replaced(I've had mine for quite a few months and haven't changed mine). Mine are all MAM brand that are found in the baby section at most stores, they can be easily adapted with adult nipples(they have videos on how on youtube). They also typically come in a two pack with a plastic case that can be used to sterilize them in the microwave, which is what I use to clean them. I think you would be able to hide one behind a bandana/mask as long as you don't have to talk to anyone as that would give it away. I sleep with mine at night all the time and I haven't lost one yet. I do clench and grind my teeth while I sleep(I have woken myself up trying to suck my thumb from how hard I will randomly bite down) which might be why I haven't lost one, I always wake up with it still in my mouth. I you think that you might lose one in the night they do sell paci minders that will clip onto the paci on one end and onto your shirt with the other. When I'm not using mine they are kept inside my night stand which has a lock on it so no one can get into it if I don't want them to. No one I know in real life knows about my littleness at this point so I don't have any advice on how people react. :pacy:
As to when you should replace a pacifier, search engines say every 4-6 weeks. However, it really just depends on how much you use it. If you see any changes on the material which makes up either the shield or the nipple itself, you should probably replace them. By changes, i mean ruptures, distortions, things like that. during the workweek, I mostly use my paci at nighttime, and I make sure to rinse it off at a minimum before I use it. You could probably also use dish soap and water to keep it clean as well.

I know that masks and bandanas that hide pacifiers are sold, but I have no idea where. If i need a paci at work, I usually covertly suck my thumb while making it look like im thinking really hard, or go to my car for a little for the same reason. I also have a small keychain stuffie in my car, for hopefully obvious reasons.

As to the diapers, it really depends on the little and their personal situation. Using them or not using them for their intended purpose is part of each person's littlespace, and diapers can assist in the expression of one's littlespace, to loosely quote one of the educational articles on this site (all of which are located here: viewforum.php?f=88). Do not hesitate to ask questions about this, or whatever you may need to ask about, as what helps you may also help so many more.

Hopefully this helps though!!! May the Force be with you!! :paci: :paci: :paci: :splode: :splode: :splode:
I think I might use sterilising liquid, the paci I ordered has printing on it apparently so can’t be boiled. I am looking forward to it my paci arriving but it’s going to take a week arrive in the meantime I might try and convert one and watch the videos on YouTube. I’m not sure about diapers yet but I think they may might, because in the past I couldn’t use the bathroom because daddy would leave me sat in the car for hours on end while he worked and I would get terrible pains from not being able to go potty or find daddy and I get anxiety whenever I need the potty now so my thinking is diapers may help with that but I wear leggings go probably got to find clothing that’s more baggy coz leggings will show a diaper me thinks as they already show undies outline :pacy:

I’m rediscovering all my favourite tv shows like raccoons, raggy dolls, rainbow brite and Ben and hollys little Kingdom and that alone is helping me feel happy again, I got some dinosaur nuggies to eat too :splode:

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