New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Hi Everyone,
My name is Eric and I am a Daddy in Knoxville, Tennessee. I recently met a younger man online (he's 23, I'm 53) and he expressed that he was interested in having a dominant daddy/little boy relationship with me. I have experience as a dominant Daddy but not necessarily as a DD in this context. Since then I have been researching this dynamic with little luck. There's a lot of information on other dynamics but doesn't seem to be much on DD/lb. I could use some advice. How can I learn more? What does a DD/lb relationship look like and what kinds of things do LB's enjoy? I know there is probably tremendous variation among individuals but giving me information in a general sense would be great. Thanks so much for your help.
I’m honestly not entirely sure what you’re asking.
It sort of feels like you’re wanting generic advice thrown at you without putting in the effort or time to really spend educating yourself. A lot of this needs to be directed to your potential future partner, and a lot of this is common sense about healthy relationships between adults. The regression honestly has very, very little to do with the relationship if you simply treat the other person as your romantic interest and set a goal to build and bond with them. Learn who this individual is as an individual rather than a generic label. They’re not a dog breed. They’re a complex, individual human being.

Being a Little is a personality trait. Having a relationship with a Little is like having a romantic relationship with any other individual except that this particular person’s interests and displays of affection may be more childlike or childish at times. Let’s be honest though, interests as adults can vary wildly, and a handful of quirks comes with each of us, regardless if we’re regressors or not.

A Little may benefit from a partner who expresses their romantic love through parental displays, such as heavy encouragement or providing extensive advice to guide the person into healthy choices, structures, and habits to develop. Again though, each of us as individuals benefit from different qualities of our partners. A Little doesn’t need a Caregiver to be Little so, logically, they could very happily partner with someone who is also a Little or someone who doesn’t identify within this community at all.

The relationship looks like any other relationship between adults, where each person has their own interests and the couple works together to find interests they not only share with one another but also seeing their partner enjoy. It looks like a lot of hard work and dedication to find the fairness that leads to long, happy, and psychologically healthy relationships. It looks like a relationship. Relationships can bring a lot of joy but they’re not always easy so keep in mind that communication, patience, and mindfulness are all absolutely necessary.

You can learn more about regression by taking in the information we have readily available about Littles:

Educating yourself thoroughly will take time and effort. One post isn’t going to do it, and generic articles aren’t going to ever give you a handbook on your partner or building a good relationship with that specific person.

You can also learn more by reading through the forum to gather generic information about common interests, for example; however, your best course of action is to have frequent, lengthy discussions with your prospective partner to not only build a bond apart from acknowledging their regression but also to develop an understanding of their interests and desires both within as well as outside of the relationship. Nobody knows that person better than themself. Nobody is going to be able to describe what makes that person happy in a relationship but exactly that person.
There's nothing special about DD/LB Daddy Dom/Little Boy) that's any different or that it separates from generic CG/L (Caregiver/Little) besides having gender identity qualifiers. Theoretically speaking,

There aren't "Gentlemen's Handbook on Little Boys", "Ladies' Handbook on Little Girls" there may be such books, we wouldn't care for them, etc. These sorts of manuals are antiquated anyway, we as a society have outgrown these etiquete standards that have proven to lead to unfulfilling relationships. These kinds of resources are broad, shallow and don't at all consider individual context.

While there may be a lot of information spread out in the web about CG/L, MD/LB (Mommy Domme/Little Boy) and most prominent DD/LG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl), most of it is garbage. They set impossible and fantastical expectations on what each party must do to feel remotely happy and fulfilled.

With such, there's no real value in seeing your potential relationship as strictly DD/LB. not only will it make it impossible to find relevant and actually valuable information on it, but it may confine your relationship to silly "guidelines" that may not even suit you or your partner.

Carrying out a relationship isn't easy. There isn't anything about DD/LB that'll make it magically easier. Carrying out DD/LB activities may help you and your prospect partner in leading personally fulfilling lives, but does not excuse any party from their personal relationship responsibilities.

We understand wanting to seek advice on something that you believe is new to you. It is honorable to admit ignorance. However, we believe that somebody who identifies and truly lives as a Caregiver doesn't need a guide on how to be themselves. You should do what feels natural. Listen to your partner and adjust to their wants and needs while leveraging your own. Don't set expectations without discussing them.

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