New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Hi! I'm fairly new to the concept of little space and I've been having a hard time getting there. I've tried usual things like wearing cute clothes, snuggling with a stuffie and watching cartoons, but nothing really does it for me. It does happen sometimes by accident though, like when I found a little beetle crawling on my window and I fed him some cabbage and made a little home in a jar for him. It's just that actively triggering it is hard for me. Any tips?
Entering little space for each person is different. I know from my experiences being a daddy who can slip into little space it is mostly about feeling safe enough to enter that innocent state. So try n set a space in which you can feel safe n put things there that u want to do in little space such as stuffies n the like.
I experience this too especially because im so new and trying to figure out what I like. Overall I've learned that forcing it doesn't help. Try to make yourself comfortable and maybe do things you liked as a kid like watching a certain movie. Having a big or someone who takes care of me helped a lot. I don't know your little space age but im guessing toddler. Hope these help:
1. Coloring books/ art supplies/ painting or books
2. Getting a onesie
3. Pacifier or simply cup
4. Stuffed animals blankie
6. Kids movies or shows
7. baby lotion for smell
8. Make a pillow fort to have your own space
9. Snacks: finger food, pasta, pizza, cookies, cut up fruits etc.
10. Toys: fake food, rattles, hair bows, barbies, toy cars, baby toys, bubbles, play doh

Have a good one,
Gabby ❤
👋Hey! I'm kinda new to this stuff to and I have a hard time getting in little space, but some things that help me get into little space are...

📚 🖍 Activity Books/Colouring Books/Crafting

🎧🎶 Listening to Music

🍭 Sweets

👘 Wearing cute stuff

🎮 Playing games/Toys-Stuffies

📺 Watching your favorite TV Shows/ Movies

📚 Reading books

🍎Eating little food

💡Kinda like, be in your own imaginary world

🧸Surround yourself with softness or curl up with your blankie!

I Hope This Stuff Works🤗
I can I actually really relate to how you feel I have been struggling to get into littlspace myself.
but I also am considering if I am just not making out time in my over loaded schedule of looking for work and starting school back up. If I am making time for littlespace, I don't know does it sound lame to anyone that you have to schedule littlespace into your time?lol

but I really do get where you are coming from love
I also have a hard time getting into little space but ways I found helpful is my pacifier and bottle but sometimes it will just be a constant thought of how I felt when I was younger I don't know how"little" you are going for as for me like to be around a toddler age but for everyone it is different and I am also learning to be a little as time goes on as I just recently started to be a little after having constant dreams of being one so hope this helps

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