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Looking for your Caregiver? Waiting for your Daddy? Mommy? Auntie? Uncle? Big Brother? Older Sister? Or maybe even your little sister or brother? Let them know you're looking for them.
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By Deleted User 73087
DateCGL Username (required): LilDragonBlu
Legal Age: 20
Gender Identity: Male (He/Him/Himself)
physically intimate Orientation: Pansexual
Location: Illinois
Current Marital or Relationship Status: Single

Approximate Regression Age Range: 0-5

What type of partner are you looking for here? I'm looking for a Mommy or a Daddy

Are you open to long distance relationships or only local matches? Either!

Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships? Monogamous

Describe your perfect match and some great qualities that they would have: A gentle, caring and affectionate Caregiver who embraces their paternal side, who is open-minded, understanding, loving, kind and who loves to baby and spoil their Little. When I'm Big, I don't want someone who wants to control me 24/7 and will let me be my own person; however, when I'm Little, I would love a Caregiver to tell me I'm too small to do certain things on my own, to tell me to ask permission for things, baby talk me, and to basically hold my hand - metaphorically and literally! I'm also seeking a partner who is willing to dedicate themselves toward a long-term relationship if things go well, but doesn't want to rush head-first into a relationship.

What are some things that have led you to identifying as a little? I began with using age regression as a coping mechanism! Through some exploration, I've found out that I enjoy being able to slip into my headspace, to wear cute clothes, drink from bottles/sippy cups and wearing diapers, and to be cared for and babied.

Are you into physically intimate and/or nonsexual Caregiver/little regression? Nonsexual regression

How long have you identified as a Little? About 1 year

Are you a Little that likes to or expects to be punished? No. But I'm fine with spanking, time-outs, etc. if I'm being punished.

What do you think you have to offer to a partner? I am looking for someone to give someone my unconditional love, to offer them plenty of quality time together and be a well-behaved Little for them!

Describe one of your favorite nonsexual fantasies or scenarios: In the far future, I'd like to move out of the country and live comfortably in a seaside or countryside town, somewhere far from busy cities!

What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy? I love drawing digital art, going on hikes, dinosaurs, stuffed animals, and cats

What are 3 movies or TV shows you enjoy? Wild Kratts, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Dinosaur Train

What are 3 of your favorite foods? Pierogis, sushi and fish

What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists? The Oh Hellos, Lemon Demon and Lovejoy

What is something you have recently learned? I learned I really like Renaissance Faires!

What is your current biggest life achievement? I would like to be successful in life, especially in something I genuinely enjoy doing.

During an argument or disagreement with a partner, how do you typically react? I would want to talk it out with my partner and come to an agreement or an understanding. I hate loud voices and react very badly to when someone yells, so I would prefer to have a calm discussion rather than let everything build up and get worse.

What do you think of being partnered to a Caregiver who requires a large portion of your attention? I don't mind it, but I do like having time to myself. I often get overwhelmed and stressed if I have too much social interaction, so I like having moments to myself

What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself? I've always dreamed of having a Caregiver for a long time now. I've taken care of myself since I began my journey through age regression, and want to be able to put my trust into someone else's hands for once - someone I can fully trust when I'm Little to take care of me when I can't. If I manage to find that person, I will always strive to let them know just how much I appreciate them in any way possible.
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