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Questions at the bottom of this letter... (And Please read all of the letter and questions, Because there's some stuff in the letter part and some stuff in the questions, I have done this in parts and pieces. Just a wee bit on purpose.)(Sticks out tongue)

Dear Future Daddy, Future Mommy, and Future Brother,

HiHi! I'm Gen (nickname), bio age 29. My legal first name is Virginia. Little age is very fluid but somewhere in the ages of 2 to 16. I am a female, who is bisexual and also overweight, so won't give you the number. I am 5'11 tall but not 5'12(never, ever,)!!! I am of German and Irish heritage/ I have very very burnable skin. Believe it or not but sunscreen was most likely invented with me in mind... I live in Akron, OH, don't have a job at this moment, (I am starting to write, but have not published yet) and I have learning disabilities and speech problems.

As said before I am looking for my future daddy, future mommy, and future Brother. Why am I looking for three people? Because I crave a family, who is full of love for each other and themselves. And that I have that much love. That I believe that together we're stronger than what the world would throw at us. Last thing is that Im bisexual and looking for others who are bisexual. (Because I like watching and doing.)

I prefer people who are willing to show a picture in about a month or two of chatting or texting. And not to just me but each other.

To me, the perfect daddy would be strong, kind, gentle yet stern. Honest, loyal to us, and who can chase away bad nightmares. Someone who is tall, someone I can cuddle with, and who can keep us safe. Someone who is a defense driver.

To me, the perfect mommy is someone who is warm and kind, who loves cuddles, and who gives us structure, and stability. Someone who loves to cook with us, and make sure we eat our veggies, (because if it was up to us we would only eat the veggies and fruits we like.) Someone who works with us, to help better ourselves.

To me, the perfect brother is one who loves pranks, who loves naps, loves cuddles, loves to play, and likes to play games( card games, board games, and video games). Loves to make trouble with me because of course we need to keep mommy and daddy on their toes. (smiles innocently) Also loving to crawl, would be good. (Cuz I love to crawl too.)

I would like to find you all, within about a state or two (easier to make visits happen), don't mind about starting online but would like to meet in about 6 months to a year in person. (If at all possible)

But I also believe connections take time to make and effort, I believe love is a spark and is also made up of millions of instances.

So onward to more about me?
I love hello kitty!
I love Asian stuff!
I love reading! (manga, light novels, novels)
I love watching anime!
I love cuteness!
I love pastel colors! But also love jewel tones.
I love watching Disney movies/Dreamworks movies!
I love mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and most other magical animals.
I love glitter and sparkles!
I looove (most) animals! ( starts the list: Birds, cats, dolphins, dogs, Ribats, lemurs, koi, koala bears, chickens/chicks, panda babies, red pandas, horses.., starts losing track)
I love swimming, and swinging!
Plus also biking.
I love coloring with coloring pencils and crayons, or pens but not really markers, they bleed too much....
I love Burt's Bees lip balm.
My adult self likes crime dramas, reading Romance books, and watching mature anime.
My four favorite veggies and four favorite fruits are: (at this moment)
Olives- Black Olives only
Other foods I like are: Mac and Cheese
Chicken nuggets
Cold Macaroni salad
Egg salad
Finger foods

Question 1: What is your favorite temperature? (Mine is around 70F-75 F with sun and some clouds.)

I probably have been a little all my life and in the last year (or two) have learned the word for it. (And has admitted to myself, as to who I am.)

I am both for begin nonsexual little and physically intimate little. I think it just depends on what headspace I'm in at the time/ what age I'm feeling at the time.

I do expect punishments, like spanking, corner time, time-outs, and lines, to start with.

I live with Bio Mom, and her fiance, they are just not getting married, Dave. We are right now living in a hotel-like apartment, for now. Two bedrooms, but Bio Mom and I are sleeping in the same room. Have a read on a apartment, for a move-in possible May-June, getting my own room again, (I smile). I also have two Bio Brothers their older than me. My biological father is dead.

I am looking for partners willing to grow with me. Willing to listen to what I and my little says, but not give in always. Understand that I have both littlespace, but that I also am childish, to begin with.

In the beginning, I want to talk, text, and get to know you. And you get to know me. I want to start with just getting to know you, nothing physically intimate for at least a year or two. I dont mind answering questions about what I like physically intimate in a few months. I will guard my heart with a (thinking of the words I want to use) Icey glass prison that will eventually melt. Because I don’t believe in divorce. I am the girl who once you’re in my heart you’re there forever.

Im a Christian, but believe in more of a there’s a wee bit of God in all things, living, and non-living.

I believe that the two things hate can’t stand is forgiveness and pure love.

So the 2nd question to you: What is your favorite color? (Mine's purple. :pheart: :pheart: :pheart: )

Thank You for reading my letter, Possible Daddy, Mommy, and Brother.

DateCGL Username (required): n/a
Name Gen, Legal is Virginia
Legal Age: 29
Gender Identity: Female
physically intimate Orientation: Bisexual
Location: Akron, Ohio
Current Marital or Relationship Status: Single

Approximate Regression Age Range: 2-16

What type of partner are you looking for here? Daddy, Mommy, and Brother

Are you open to long-distance relationships or only local matches? LDR for the beginning, and meeting up in person in the future

Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships? Polyamorous

Describe your perfect matches and some great qualities that they would have:
To me, the perfect daddy would be strong, kind, gentle yet stern. Honest, loyal to us, and who can chase away bad nightmares. Someone who is tall, and who can keep us safe. Someone around the age of 35 to 38, or a bit younger. Open doors for me (us), make sure I'm comfortable and safe at all times, pay for the part of the dates (because I would like to pay sometimes), ask me what I want and order it for me, hold my hand when walking and I hold brother's and he holds mommy's.

To me, the perfect mommy is someone who is warm and kind, who loves cuddles, and who gives us structure, and stability. Someone who loves to cook with us, and make sure we eat our veggies, (because if it was up to us we would only eat the veggies and fruits we like.) Around the age of 35, or 29, so 29 to 35.

To me, the perfect brother is one (who is a partner in crime) who loves pranks, who loves naps, loves cuddles, loves to play, and likes to play games( card games, board games, and video games). Loves to make trouble with me because of course we need to keep mommy and daddy on their toes. (smiles innocently) Also loving to crawl, would be good. (Cuz I love to crawl too.) Brother is about my age (29) or a bit younger.

What are some things that have led you to identifying as a little? My mindset, is childish, and my tastes are childish. Plus I cry too easily. That I love going into the toy parts of stores.

Are you into physically intimate and/or nonsexual Caregiver/little regression? Both (Blushes bright red)

How long have you identified as a Little? I have known the word for about it for 2 years.

Are you a Little that likes to or expects to be punished? Yes

What do you think you have to offer to a partner? I have my heart, my childish innocent. A willingness to brave the world, with partners, and try new things. I like making things for people. I also like giving people I like/love back massages.

Describe one of your favorite nonsexual fantasies or scenarios: In the pool with Brother and we look at each and decide that we can't wait any longer to start splashing Daddy and Mommy because they are not in the pool yet. (And we have waited forrr everrrr)

Mommy and Daddy put together a treasure hunt for Brother and me.

Coloring a page, and Mommy and Daddy put it on the fridge.

Being Mommy’s little helper when she’s cooking.

Cuddling with Daddy.

Brother and I, go off adventuring, in the house, or mall.

Going to Jo-Ann Fabrics to touch fabrics and textures.

And can just making memories be a fantasy? Looking at the magic of each day? Cooing over a baby animal or animals in general? Looking at the beauty and cuteness of this planet that we’re on?

What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy? READING, watching Anime, Cleaning when Im little, singing, daydreaming/ getting lost with the fairies

What are 3 movies or TV shows you enjoy? Winnie the Pooh, Barbie movies, Sailor Moon

What are 3 of your favorite foods? Carrots! Watermelon! That pizza thingy from Red Lobster (can't remember the name right now.)

What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists? Son of Man, Part of Your World, You Raise Me Up, and too many more to type in

What is something you have recently learned? The reason worms come out when raining is to migrate, and that they can't drown at least in freshwater, dont know about saltwater.

What is your current biggest life achievement? Trying college, I guess? Or graduating from High School with a mostly regular diploma.

During an argument or disagreement with a partner, how do you typically react? Crying or Hiding or Getting Mad, But I will try not to get mad

What do you think of being partnered to a Caregiver who requires a large portion of your attention? My little self says goody, while my older self (middle) says give me space. -_-

What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself?

I have been in one very toxic relationship. I will tell you more once you get to know me, and you will be requested to keep it to your selves, please. That is one of the reasons that I decided what I have said about evil; because I forgave that person.

... Be prepared for questions (and not just 5 to 10) MILLIONS. And that I like to grab thumbs, you have been warned. I sleep with music on. I roll in bed so I use leg pillows as a way for me not to fall out of bed. I get cold easily. Im camera shy. I can’t eat anything too spicy hot, without getting a very bad tummy. I don’t like Doctors or needles, or beer, or highs.

I do love textures, smooth, soft, rubbery, bummy, hard, wool-like, cotton. I like fruit wines. I build a nest in bed in the winter, every day. To me, cats are portable mini heaters, and tummy warmers. I love Himalayan cats and Persian cats. I love greater swiss mountain dogs, (if you know the breed without googling it, good for you!), as well as corgis.

I have mostly followed rules all my life.

If I see a dog out in public, my first reaction is Goody, a dog! Then I go over to ask if can pet the dog…..

If I see an animal that I could possibly pet; I off to go ask if I can.

So im assuming that you have read both the letter and the questions till this sentence: Congratings for surviving till now! You have won three more questions to answer!!! (Giggles madly)

Question 3: What is your favorite book series, one from your childhood or teenhood and one that you like as an Adult? (Fishing for more books to read… I admit it) (Mine are Heartland: Healing horses, healing hearts series, teenhood was The Tail of Emily Windsnap and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton)

Question 4: Going to your one of favorite restaurants (not fast-food) what do you order all the time? (I go to Longhorn and get the Parmesan Crusted Chicken, with Steakhouse Mac & Cheese, and Fresh Steamed Broccoli, and to Drink would be Coke or Strawberry Lemonade but half water then Strawberry Lemonade)

Question 5: Do you like coffee? (I love the smell of coffee not the taste of it.)

Is what my test said.

So you survived the letter, me answering the questions and then me asking questions, (and answering them). And maybe even read the url, or any of my other posts.

I so prouds of you.

Thank you, your possible little or sister,


:pheart: G E N that spells Gen! Remember that! :pheart:
DateCGL Username (required): shypricessmermaidgin Got approved!

:craze: Bumpy, I still waiting Daddy, Mommy, and Brother. (I waits patiently) (Pouts) :splode:

Daddy, I wants to be your only little girl if possible (at the time of agreeing to get to know each other betters), little girl me is saying mine, mine, mine. I cans shares with brother and Mommy, but thats alls...srrys. Ands I wanna cuddles.

Mommy, I hopes you finds mes. I wanna hugs. And I hopes you luvs brother and I.

Brother, when can we cause troubles? Like try to take over the worlds? With glitter guns, of course! Ands explore the malls or parks or zoos? I hopes u luvs me and Daddy, and Mommy, too.

So, a bits more about me?

I like Toyotas, and Subarus as cars cuz they nice and last close to forever if you don't touch the electrical, or if you make sure theres oil in the oil gauge, like not forgetting to put oil back in when you took it outs. (I think about my brothers who did one and the other did one.)

I likes making barking sounds and meowing sounds.

I likes riding in the middle seats of cars, so front= drivers, middle= kids, back= trunk. I cans ride in the front side passenger but not as funs.

I likes taking showers and then going into the bath tubs, like how the Japanese do it.

I likes sweets but at the same time something can be too sweet.

I loves giggles, laughter, and being happy. But at the same time, Im not in a place to be little all the times. Sometimes I hate the real world, I like living in different worlds. I would like to be Little close to a 24/7 as possible.

I dont mind trying new things.

I woulds like to chats on the chat here's or on DateCGL. For the first month or two please.

One unique fact about me is that I have four toes on each foot, my last two are a bit webbed together. And I have long legs.

I likes the card game Called Dixit. :pheart:

I is bisexual, poly, and lookings forevers. :pheart:

Oh, and today's I gots a new bubble blowing toy. And its PINK!!! :pinkh: :pinkh:

And one thing that I miss more than anything is my Beasty (he was a greater swiss mountain dog, I lost him when I was in second grade)

And I thinks thats about it for this bumpy post, cuz I am heading to beds soons. Night-Nights! :bye:
I waits, for you, Brother, Mommy and Daddy, with a hopeful heart. :heart:

So, what should I talk about in this bumpy post?

Hmmms, Well how about the type of house I want to live?

Yes, lets go with thats.

I want to live in a house with all of us together. I don't like cookie-cutter homes, so no gray walls or modern stuff. I dont like gold stuff in the house... I like the silver, or black is oks. :pheart:

I like older homes with character, but I do sort of like the openness of the modern homes. Its just iffy on the house I would like.

I would love to get a floor plan of my Grandma's Wilson house, and rework it. That house was fun to be in, if just a bit tight on the hallways. The house was 2.5 baths, and four bedrooms. All the bedrooms was one side and the living was on the other side. It was mostly one story with stairs from the garage in with stairs down to the basement with the laundry/ unfinished basement, and then with stairs up to the back hallway that was the bedrooms, with the kids hall way first and then the main bedroom. Going along the wall you reached the kitchen next with a small area that was a tv room that had a big cooking fireplace and the fireplace warmed up the main bedroom. The tv room over looked the creek/valley to creek and have a huge amount of trees and wild life. The next part of the house was a formal dinning room that had a wall of windows and was full with hard wood floors, up until u hit the front door which had stone down, and the half bath was there with a front office, and stairs down to the playroom and then there is a formal living room with a fireplace up there above the playroom with five stairs up it and the stairs and the formal living room was hard wood. The house was 3,300 sq. ft. But it felt bigger.

To me, I would love to hear about your favorite grandparent's or parent's house. And come up with a way to merge the houses of all our grandparents or parents. To make a truly unique home that we all love. And thats going to be hards, but I believe in all of us. :splode:

So thats about it for this bumpy post. Oh, and now I have my cat living with us in the hotel apartments, just hope that they are not charging $20 a night for her, on top of the $75 we paid for her... bye-bye, going nows... :disappear:
Hello future Daddy, Mommy and Brother,

I'm still looking for all of you.

This update is going to be all over the map. Since its been a month since my last update.

So, why has it been a month???
Well... I started talking to a possible caregiver for me, but it fell through, as in he ghosted me... It didn't help that he wanted me to call him Daddy in the first week or two of getting to know him/ when I asked him for his rules that one of them was that.

To me: you as a caregiver must earn the title, im not going to call you, your title just because it is one of your rules. The first time I call you Daddy or Mommy, you will feel like you're on top of the world.

One more thing about that possible Daddy: He tried to give me money while I was getting to know him in the first week. I didn't like that too. (Unhappy face frown)

To me: its more important to me that you remind me when I have a bill that's not on auto-pay, than to offer me money to pay it.

So in the last month I have injury my right ankle nerve somehow, was off it for about 11 days until it was better. Its now betters.

Im now playing harvest moon: light of hope special edition, I have completed the main story line 1-4, and on chapter 5 of it.

I also have been watching Castle, on tv for 9 hours a day, tv has been marathoning it.

Hmmmms, so what else should I talk about in this update? Oh! I know, bio mom and Dave and I are still in a hotel apartment for the time being.

Oo, and that I have started not drinking coke or sprite. I haven't had any since June 1st, I thinks.

I want a brother who is just as fluid in little age as mes, preferred.

Small complaint: premade salads are starting to get expensive. AND are getting smaller.

Please don't ghost me when we're just getting to know each others.

The least you can do is say good bye.

I thinks this is about it for this update so bye byes. Talk again in two to three weeks.

:disappear: :disappear:
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