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Recently I got a pack of pacis from littleforbig and did some decorating on them. I wish I had gotten pictures of the process, but I didn't think to at the time.

But here's how to do it. I do not recommend you do this craft if it is your first time working with resin. However, it is simple enough for beginners, so if you have no resin experience and want to do this anyway, just do some tests or another small beginner project first.

Adult pacifier
Mod podge (if stickers are paper)
UV resin
UV light
Silicone mat to dome the piece over
Glitter (optional)
Mixing cup (if using glitter)
Lighter (for using heat to remove bubbles)
Popsickle stick or dowel

1) Get plain adult pacis and any stickers you'd like for the center. Just make sure the stickers will fit, 5/8inch in height and smaller works best.

2) Take the pacis apart, clean any dust off the centers, and place the stickers. If the sticker is paper, use mod podge to seal it, make it sure it cures the full time according to the directions.

3) Dome the centers with UV resin. Do not have the rest of the paci, especially the nipple, near your workspace. Resin can be toxic when ingested, so while it is fine for parts like the outside of the shield and the center, do not put it anywhere near the nipple. The shaped pieces put on centers and shakers deco shops put on pacis are actually resin too. Please use the paci in the way it's intended to avoid sickness.

To dome the centers, put resin in the middle and spread it around with a popsickle stick or a dowel. If you don't put enough you can put more, but be careful to not put too much that it flows off the sides. You can find tutorials for doming other items with resin and apply it to paci centers. You can pop larger bubbles with your stick/dowel and smaller ones with a lighter by moving the flame about a centimeter above the resin. But be careful using the lighter. If it drips wipe off the drip and slide it to a different area of the silicone mat, and be sure to wash it well when you're done.

4) Cure the UV resin as directed, and then wait two to three days for the resin to no longer be sticky to the touch. I recommend putting them in light from a window that isn't direct sunlight for a day, as it will get them more UV light and thus make them be less sticky faster, but won't fade the stickers.

And now you have simple but cute pacis. You can also use e6000 glue to add some gem accents. Resin is strong enough that you should be able to wash your paci without ruining the sticker.

You can get stickers from anywhere to do this with. Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, book stores, etc. So that part is cheap. And again I got the pacis from littleforbig, and it being $14 for 3 wasn't too bad. And this project is best for people who already work with resin, as you will already have UV resin and a UV light. If you don't already work with UV resin, don't do this project if you aren't planning on getting into resin crafts as it can be quite an investment.

But if you are interested in resin crafts then please do this DIY. There are also other little things you can make with resin. One big one is charms for little jewelry/crafts.

You can also make your own stickers for this. If when I'm able to move out of my dad's house I have enough spare time and the spare money to make the starting investment, I actually want to make a shop selling custom pacis. I'll get pacis in bulk from alibaba and do custom ones like these, but where people can send me the sticker design and I will print it out on sticker paper in big sticker batches and make the paci with their sticker design. And then if they want I can add a few gem accents or a charm on the handle.

Anyway, here are two of the ones I did.
The stickers I used were from one of the Heartslabyul sticker sheets from when some Japanese craft stores had Twisted Wonderland sticker sheets. I got the sticker sheet from an anime store online. The black one has Riddle Rosehearts' coffin emblem, and the white one has the Heartslabyul dorm crest. I chose the Riddle coffin icon because I relate a lot to him and am very similar to him (he's where I got my username here from) and the Heartslabyul one because that would be my Night Raven College dorm (the NRC dorms in Twisted Wonderland work like Harry Potter houses, there isn't an official quiz but you can figure out which one you'd fit in by the dorm's themes). It also helps that since Riddle is in Heartslabyul getting the Heartslabyul sticker sheet I had both stickers. If I had more money I might have made the white one Riddle's coffin emblem and got the Ignihyde dorm sticker sheet and made the black on Idia's coffin emblem.

The third paci not shown here is one I made to send to a friend.

But again you don't have to get stickers that are expensive because of being Japan exclusive merch of an anime styled Disney game or something like that, I just did that because Twisted Wonderland is my current hyperfixation and has been since August of 2020 and I wanted a Riddle Rosehearts themed paci. You can get Hello Kitty stickers from Walmart or something if you want. Dollar Tree and FiveBelow probably have Disney or Marvel stickers. Some coloring books come with little stickers so you can get the book both to color in it and use the stickers on pacis. You could probably also just print out something on copy paper, cut it out and use mod podge to put it on the center then dome it. There are so many options for whatever you want as long as it will fit on the center. If you use a more glossy or waterproof photo paper for printed and cut out images you could probably also just dome both sides and make a center planar like the ones on the more fancy deco pacis too.

You can also put glitter in the resin you dome it with for a glitter effect. But don't put too much that you can't see the sticker. Finer glitters probably work best.

Anyway I hope this helps anyone who wants to DIY cute pacis in a way different than the busy deco styles that are popular and want something more customized since getting a custom resin planar for the center is expensive and they come in minimum batches of 5 or 10 usually. If you make any please do reply with pictures in this thread!!! You can also reply with questions and if I know the answer I'll answer and if I don't I'll see what resin resources I can find to help.

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