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Keeping up with DIY projects that are extremely overpriced on places like Etsy, there are multiple ways you can create a sippy cup using very basic supplies found at your local Walmart, for instance. These are pretty cheap and easy to make. The base is glass and should be very durable, and very long-lasting for years to come. The sippy spout is cheap and replaceable so if you're the type to chew on the plastic then you don't really need to worry about having to cut off your arm or leg to get replacement parts. Anyway, here we go.

Sippy Cup Image: (image by Etsy shop: TinyPixieFairyshop)

  • Regular mouth jar (Ball or Mason brand; realistically, any style or color jar you prefer can be used)
  • Take N Toss Sippy Cup Lids
  • Scissors (whatever you have at home will work)
  • Washable Marker or Ink Pen (whatever you have at home will work)
  • Plastic jar ring (OPTIONAL)

Specific Supply Suggestions
(FYI: Walmart.com seems to have the lowest price when shopping online for the jars; however, I did buy a set of these jars for about $5.50 in the actual, physical store so it might be cheaper for you to go to the store instead of online.)

Item: Ball Jars
Item: The First Years Take & Toss Hard Spout Sippy Cups

Item: Optional Plastic Ring Replacement (using a plastic ring instead of the metal kind that comes with the jars)

Assembly Instructions:
Take the jar you have chosen and unscrew the metal ring.
Remove the round metal lid that the ring was holding on.
Take your marker or pen and trace around the metal ring on the bottom of the plastic sippy cup lid.
Use your scissors and cut around the line you just traced on. It doesn't have to be perfect, but try to be close enough to the line. You can trim it up later if you find it's just a little too big or uneven.
Place the sippy cup spout onto the jar.
Screw down the lid (either the metal one the jar came with or the plastic one if you've upgraded it) onto the jar.
Give yourself a pat on the back. Good job!

If the sippy cup leaks then you have accidentally cut the circle too small and will need to try again. I would suggest when cutting your traced line that you try to cut around it instead of within it. It's better to be a little too big and need a small trimming than to be too small and it be useless for this purpose.

Final Cost Breakdown:
  • Jar Cost: 8.47 ÷ 4 = about $2.11 each jar
  • Sippy Spout Cost: 2.68 ÷ 4 = about $0.67 each spout
  • Optional Plastic Ring Upgrade: 2.50 = $2.50 each ring
Maximum Cost Per Each Sippy Cup (with optional ring upgrade): $5.28
Maximum Cost Per Each Sippy Cup (without optional ring upgrade): $2.78

Lesson of the Day: Do not waste your money. Remember that these Etsy sellers offering these at outrageous prices did not have a manufacturer create the glass jars, rings, or sippy spouts specific to their store or brand. They are regular people just like you and I, and went to a regular store to pick up these generic supplies.
While we may be consumers within a specific adult niche, we are not just cash cows waiting to be milked.

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