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I have found people to be using them on other forums, despite clearly being told they are for LSO use only.
It was a lot of work put in to specifically make something fun here at LSO.
I’m sorry that a group of individuals have ruined that for everybody atm.
These are incredibly lovely! The pastel combinations make them very playful but bright and cheery. Perhaps they should change the "signatures" here to just be designated sticker books! Anyway, you're very talented and creative.

Might I suggest a few more common titles (some of which you did note as a coming soon option) for artistic consideration:

  • Mommy
  • Baby
  • Prince
  • Angel
  • AB
  • Switch
  • Dom
  • Domme
  • Sissy
  • Regressor
  • Ageplay
You could do a "royal family" set since you have princess by including prince, king, and queen options.
You could also do an "attitude" set that include words like silly, playful, twisty, bubbly, sweet, and cute.
You could do an "action" set like spank, time out, lines, chores, rules, regress, forced, bedtime, and grounded.
You could do an "relationship status" set like mine, his, hers, theirs, taken, owned, collared, and loved.

There is also the furry group of regressors to not forget:

  • Babyfur
  • Cubfur
  • Diaperfur
  • Littlefur
  • Furry
Anyway, those were my thoughts. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the beautiful stickers that are created and posted.
Frankyou for your suggestions :heart: ^-^
I will be sticking to the basics for the time being. I will be picking this up again at full force once the weather at my end cools down again (nerve inflammation increase cuz of Summer).

If anyone else has some ideas or suggestions please feel free. I'm open to hearing all of them. ^-^ They may not be taken on board immediately though, as I mentioned I'm hoping to get the basics out for everybody first.
WaterPrincess97 wrote: 5 years ago These stickers are super duper cute!! ::3: I've seen other people with them and wondering where they were from!! You could do like a Hello Kitty or something. How do you make these? I'd love to try!!
Hi WaterPrincess! Thank you so much :heart: I made them myself.
If you’re interested in making some, you’re more than welcome to. ^-^

They’re about 50x50 pixels.
Preferably follow a similar style (pixel art, white outline to make it more visible).
Create on a transparet layer using a program like photoshop, paintshop, gimp etc.
For copyright reasons we can’t use already existing character such as Hello Kitty, Molang, Miffy etc.
Save as a PNG, then post here. ^-^
They’ll be reviewed and potentially added to the master post.
Have fun! No pressure though :heart:

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