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So a few weeks ago I ordered two onesies from onesies down under. It took only about a week for the onesies to get to me which is rather good considering they were coming from Australia to the USA. I ordered the pink onesie (about $20 USD) and the sleepy teddy bears onesie (about $32 USD). The shipping was about $15 USD which considering that it was coming from another country that's really not that much. The shipping was very discreet the onesies came in a grey mailing bag. They give you measurements estimates of what size people each size onesie will fit and according to my measurements I was a large. The onesies fit me very well. They are stretchy and comfortable. I was able to sleep comfortably in both onesies. The material is very good quality.
My Ratings of the onesies
Fit 10 out of 10
Look 10 out of 10
Feel 10 out of 10
Price 10 out of 10
Shipping 10 out of 10
Overall 10 out of 10
I also have two onesies from Onesies Down Under and I love them! I have the purple paw prints one and the baby print one. They are both super duper comfy and very roomy and relaxing. I got mine a bit bigger cause I wear diapers when I wear my onesies and they make me feel super little, but my diaper doesn't show too much, it actually shows just enough. I think their pricing is pretty good too , truthfully. It is really good quality material. I am glad you had a positive experience with them too.
By littlekennyca
I noticed those recently too. If I ultimately meet a dad/caregiver through this site, it's my hope he might buy me one (or several)! I like some of the prints - especially the space and planets one - but also some of the plain ones (including and particular the baby blue one).
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