Create a review of little items (adult pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, clothing, toys, etc.) you've tried or read reviews from others to determine which you may want to buy too.
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So I had asked for a box that was half their Halloween theme and half their college theme. I got the jumbo sized little box. The seller is tomtomcreations. The jumbo size box is listed as $52 but because of shipping I paid $69.47. Due to the high price tag I was expecting some rather good items.
With the exception of a sippy cup, all the items in this box I think could be gotten at your local Michaels.
There was no stuffie to be found, not even a small one. The lunch box seemed to be in a design that is more for middles rather then littles. The fidget spinner I also think would be more for middles as well. The rest is just items that can be gotten for $1-2 at Michaels. I go to Michael enough to know the cost of these items and assuming nothing was on sale, then everything in this package could have been gotten for $40 at Michaels l.The size of this box is that of a medium flat rate box which only costs $14 to ship.I was severely disappointed with this box. I was expecting things that looked like they all came from different shops and not just Michaels. I will continue this and add pictures of what I received in a reply.
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